About me

Hi, my name is Dana N Sauter.

dana-sauterI’m a professional electronic engineering with more than 10 years experiences. During my working process, I started to become interested in home entertainment devices and began to spend my time working on it. And without notice I became addicted to it, so I start writing about it. At first, it was just a couple of post on my personal blog. But I received more support more than I had expected, it was this support and continued interest in home entertainment that prompted me to start my own website.

My thoughts at that time was to put all my ideal, guild and review about home entertainments. Because I want to share with other the excitement that home entertainment can bring. And getting feedback comment makes me really happy and it also motivated me to write more.

Many of you may still wonder what does “home entertainment” means. Home entertainment can be refer to home cinema or home theater and other entertaining devices. My website contain hands-on home theater guides, product reviews, and readers’ feedback on all aspect.

Feel free to submit any question you might have about my website. Thank you for all your support.