Broadband TV Packages

Broadband and digital TV are generally much better value when ordered together – here’s how it adds up.

Sky Digital

The basic Sky TV package is £18 per month, which is one ‘Entertainment Pack’, and this includes Sky ‘Broadband Base’ 2MB broadband and Sky Talk Freetime, a landline service with free evening and weekend calls (although you do need to pay either BT or Sky for your landline line rental). Leaving aside the landline element this is the cheapest way to get Sky broadband – you have to subscribe to Sky TV to get it and even if you live outside of the network area and want to get broadband, Broadband Base on it’s own costs £17 per month – 50p more than the broadband TV packages.

Virgin Media

The cheapest way to get the basic Virgin TV package is to take a size ‘M’ landline phone service for £11.99 per month and get the 45 channel size ‘M’ TV free. You can get the 10MB broadband size ‘L’ for £12.50 per month – total monthly cost £24.49. The cheapest broadband TV packages from Virgin Media are £18 per month for the L broadband and M phone as above but with M+ TV (20 extra channels including Sky 1), £11.99 a month payable for the phone – total monthly cost £29.99. So you’re paying £5.50 a month extra for the M+ (exactly what it normally costs) but getting free installation worth up to £35, which spread over 12 months is £2.91 a month.

BT Vision

BT Broadband Option 1 is £15.99 per month when taken on a 12 month contract, and the broadband TV package is £28.99 per month with the first 3 months at £13.49. This consists of broadband Option 1 and the BT Vision Bronze Value Pack. As the Bronze Pack is normally £14.99 a month with first 3 months at £7.50 it means it’s cheaper to get the ‘More TV, Broadband and Calls’ deal featured in BT TV packages here.

Sky TV Starter Deal
Only £19 a month

Sky+ TV, broadband and calls £19 a month. Sky+ Box costs £49 with £30 set-up, up to 2MB broadband and free evening and weekend calls.

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Virgin Value Bundle
£19.25 a month

This great bundle has size ‘M+’ TV, that’s 65 channels, On Demand & Catch-Up, 10Mb Broadband plus Phone with unlimited weekend calls! £21.74 for the first 6 months.

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BT Vision Starter Deal
£17.99 a month

BT TV, Broadband and Calls

£9.99 line rental > £60 one-off Vision+ Box fee > Broadband Option 2 with 40GB usage > Freeview channels with Pay per View options > 24 month contract

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Top Up TV Favourites
£11.99 a month

Top Up TV TV Favourites

Library of popular TV – over 700 shows to choose from each month including Life on Mars, Little Britain, Lost and many more. Top Up box from £39.99 – £20 set-up.

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