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Best website about service dog training resources

Training a service dog is not an easy task even for the experts. With so many commands, behaviors, tasks, and situations to handle, this can be hard for both trainer and handler. In this post, I’m going to give you a list of some great website where you could find useful information about service dog training resources.

Mind to mind


This site belongs to Sue Ailsby, AKA Sue Eh? She has been training dogs since she was 9 years old. She has tried a lot of training method and has come up with some of her own. After years in dogs training, she has gained a lot of experience and knowledge. You can find very useful information in her posts. She wrote the Training Levels, which was instructions for teaching dogs to live in harmony with human and teach us to have a better understanding about dogs.

Say yes dog training


She was a dog trainer that specializes in a co-operative approach to dog training. Together with her partner John Blenkey, they own Say Yes Dog Training. Their business is located in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada but their students are pretty anywhere from the USA to Europe to Australia.  Her understanding of how to apply learning principles to competitive dog training was very successful. You can also find information about her Susan Garrett’s crate games, which has almost become every trainer’s best service dog training resources.

Service Dog Training Institute – Online Courses

In this website, you can get access to free service dog training lessons. The site purpose is to help people with disabilities to learn training technique to strengthen their bonds with their service dogs. They use positive, ethical training with both human and dogs. In their training, the human partner will learn to give love and care to their companion. There for build a good environment for dog training to be successful. And the dog will learn how to assist its human partner in living and life.

C.L.A.S.S. Program

Line of purebred dogs in obiedience class

Line of purebred dogs in obiedience class

This is a training program to strengthening relationships between human and their service dogs. C.L.A.S.S has three training levels, each level will be the foundation for the next level. Handlers will learn how to teach their partner basic task, public access skills and manners. The C.L.A.S.S program also teaches handlers how to train your dogs to practice skills, training in group and how to create a healthy environment for training.

Control Unleashed

Leslie McDevitt is a famous dog behavior consultant and dog trainer. You can find information about her famous dog training book, the “Control Unleashed”. This book is about how to create a life-long love between the human and the dogs. It is designed to train adult dogs who are struggling to control their behaviors, deal with distractions. This book is in the “must have” list of many service dog trainer even though it was written for performance athletes, not for service dogs.

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