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ESPN No Contract – Free Gold Plus and More on Top Up TV

Here’s a new offer from Top Up TV, and it’s only available from selected partners so you won’t find it on the regular site! Subscribe to ESPN for £9.99 a month – very reasonable especially considering you’re not committed to … Continue reading

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Sky Sports With No Contract on Top Up TV

Top Up TV have now added the option to get Sky Sports 1 and 2 and ESPN with no contract in the following combinations; Sky Sports 1 and 2 – no contract, £29.99 a month Sky Sports 1 and ESPN … Continue reading

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ESPN on Freeview

Another great sports deal from Top Up TV now – if you don’t know Top Up TV it’s a service where you buy a Freeview box, from just £39.99 with 160GB of hard disc recording space, and then add any … Continue reading

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First Digital TV with Freeview HD Tuner

Sony have produced the first TV set in the UK market with a Freeview HD tuner built in, and with BBC and ITV HD channels becoming available on Freeview, with others to follow in the coming months it’s a very … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Save Money on Digital TV

1. Get Freeview The first money-saving option to consider for digital TV has to be Freeview – the clue is in the name! It really depends on which channels are important to you and whether you want a landline and … Continue reading

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HDTV channels coming to Freeview

Regulator Ofcom announced on 3rd April that four HD channels are being made available for Freeview. One of them is reserved for the BBC, while the other three will be put out to tender for offers from the other TV … Continue reading

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