How to choose shoes for wide feet

Having a bigger foot than others is really frustrating. You can go to the store and find out that your favorite shoes are not available in your size. And this doesn’t happen only once, every time you walk in a shoe store the same thing happen. Many people with wide feet have this problem and it is really bothering them. And choosing wrong shoes can cause serious injuries and other problems. Though owning a pair of shoes that fit you is hard, keeping them in top condition is even harder. Since your feet is wider than others, it could make your shoes wear out faster. In this post, we will give you some tips for choosing and keeping shoes for people with wide feet.


How to choose your shoes?


Measure your foot

Get your feet measured at a good shoe store and only buy shoes that fit your feet, not too tight but also not loose. Many people with wide feet don’t care about this. They just want to get a pair of shoes that doesn’t feel tight for their feet and that’s all. Wearing loose shoes can cause problems while you running and even injuries.

Shoes style

  • Choose shoes with the larger front. This will leave a space for your toe while running so they don’t hit the front of the shoes. This damage both your toes and the shoes, making it easier to wear out.
  • Look for shoes with removable lining or insole. You can replace the manufacturer product and replace it with a pair of lining or insole that fit your feet more. Or you can remove it to create more space for your feet.
  • Don’t use slip-on shoes. They are designed for only one specific size only and can’t tighten or loosen. Even if you feel fit when you try them on the store, don’t buy them. Using in a long time will loosen the shoes and since it is a slip-on you can’t tighten it up. When running, slip-on shoes also tend to move forward. This makes your toe contact more with the shoes front part. And like we’ve mentioned before this is not good for both your shoes and toes.
  • Buy shoes with shoelaces. They may not be convenient like slip-on but you can adjust the tightness when using. It can help you create more space in the shoes for your feet. And these shoes will keep your feet stay in position, they will not slip to the front like in slip-on shoes.

How to keep your shoes in shape?


Get yours oversized feet a nice pair of running shoes is hard. So remember this to always keep your shoes in top condition.

  • Clean your shoes after using it. This is the best method to keep your shoes always in good condition. And if you don’t have time, just air dry them in a dry place. Because when you run, your shoes will get dirty from sweat, dust and other things that you step on. These will damage your shoes texture and make it wear out faster.
  • Wrap your shoes using nylon bag and store in a dry place when you don’t use it.

Follow our guide to getting yourself the best running shoes for wide feet.


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