Sky Broadband Unlimited

Sky Broadband comes in two sizes: Broadband Everyday Lite and Broadband Unlimited. Sky Broadband Unlimited is aimed at the heavier internet user who not only wants to surf the web and check emails but likes to download larger files like films and music. Here’s what you get with Sky Broadband Unlimited -

  • >> Unlimited monthly usage allowance
  • >> Free wireless router
  • >> 12 month free trial of McAfee Internet Security Suite
  • >> 24/7 support
  • >> 10 email addresses

The cheapest way to get Broadband Unlimited is with a Sky TV subscription and Sky Talk Freetime landline phone but you can also take it with Sky Talk but no TV service for £10 a month (£5 a month for 9 months with the current half price deal) plus £12.25 line rental.

Details of the Sky Broadband Unlimited package

Sky Broadband Unlimited is the perfect connection for a heavy internet user and is recommended for anyone who wants to use Sky Anytime+, which is a massive library of on-demand TV content that Sky customers can access through their broadband connection. Using it counts towards your monthly usage so Broadband Everyday Lite is not as suitable.

With the Sky Broadband Unlimited package you will get an unlimited monthly usage cap without the ‘fair usage limit’ so there’s nothing limiting you on how much you can download. You’ll also get a free Sky Wireless router worth £50, free 12 month trial of McAfee Internet Security Suite and 24/7 technical support.

Sky Talk Freetime gives you unlimited evening and weekend UK calls, with the usual exceptions for some non-geographic numbers (includes 01, 02, 03 & 0870 numbers only).

If you are outside of the Sky Broadband network area, you can still get a fast Sky Broadband connection with Sky Broadband Connect for £17 a month. This package has a 40GB monthly usage allowance and up to 448Kb upload speeds. Like the Everyday Lite package it comes with a free Sky wireless router worth £50, 24/7 technical support, free 3 month trial of McAfee Internet Security Suite and allows up to 10 email addresses with up to 10GB storage. A one-off set-up fee of £30 applies for existing Sky TV customers. This package also comes with Sky Talk Freetime for £12.25 a month line rental.