Sky TV + Broadband Unlimited

Sky TV customers have a choice of two levels of broadband included with their TV package – Sky Broadband Everyday Lite is the free service which gives you up to 20Mb download speeds and 2GB of monthly usage but it you don’t want to be restricted you can take Sky TV and Sky Broadband Unlimited instead.

It’s no longer possible to get Broadband Unlimited and Sky TV without the Sky Talk landline but in any case it makes more sense to get all three, as the broadband used to cost £10 a month without phone and £7.50 with Sky Talk Freetime.

So the best way to get Sky TV and Sky Broadband Unlimited is to add Broadband Unlimited to the Sky+ starter package, giving you -

  • >> Sky+ box to pause, rewind and record live TV
  • >> The Sky Entertainment Pack
  • >> Channels including Sky Atlantic, Sky1, Sky Living, Sky Arts, FX, Comedy Central and SyFy
  • >> Sky Broadband Unlimited – up to 20Mb speeds with unlimited monthly usage
  • >> Sky Talk Freetime with unlimited evening and weekend calls to UK landlines

This costs £20 a month for the starter package plus £7.50 for the unlimited broadband, a total of £27.50 a month plus telephone line rental of £12.25.

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Details of the Sky TV + Broadband Unlimited package

The TV element of the package consists of the Sky+ Box and the Sky Entertainment Pack. First to the box, this enables you to pause and rewind live TV and to record and store content in the hard drive. Although there is a bigger box available with 1 terabyte of memory the regular Sky+ box has 500GB of storage space, and this is split in half, giving you 250GB for personal use and 250GB that the box uses to download and store Sky on-demand content.

The Sky Entertainment Pack gives you the 41 subscription channels that used to make up the Variety and Style & Culture Packs - more about Sky TV packages here. The Sky+ starter package includes this but you can upgrade to Entertainment Extra if you wish for an extra monthly fee and get all of the subscription channels. Similarly Sky Sports and Sky Movies can be added to your package as premium channels at any time.

If at any point you decided to get an HD ready TV and wanted HD channels you could add the HD Pack for an extra £10.25 a month which would enable you to watch any of the channels in your chosen package in HD if there is an HD version. So for example if the Sky Living channel is included in the pack you choose you would also be able to watch Sky Living HD.

Sky Broadband Everyday Unlimited is aimed at the heavier internet user who wants the flexibility to download movies and music. Here's what you get with Broadband Unlimited -

  • >> Up to 20Mb download speeds
  • >> Unlimited monthly usage
  • >> Free wireless router
  • >> 12 month free trial of McAfee Internet Security Suite
  • >> 24/7 support
  • >> 10 email addresses

Sky Talk Freetime comes with included evening and weekend calls to UK landlines - Sky line rental payable.