Sky News and Events Pack

The Sky News & Events Pack is one of the original 6 Entertainment Packs that Sky TV content was divided into, and since 1st September 2011 it’s now part of the Entertainment Extra package. Where before customers could choose one or more Entertainment Packs in different combinations, the simplified choice now is between Entertainment (Variety and Style & Culture) or Entertainment Extra (all 6 packs).

The original 6 Entertainment Packs are Variety Pack, Style & Culture Pack, News & Events Pack, Knowledge Pack, Music Pack and Children’s Pack.

Channels in the News & Events Pack

The News & Events Pack gives you all the channels you need to keep up with what’s going on in the world – here are the channels that make up the pack;

  • Sky News
  • Sky Sports News
  • British Eurosport
  • British Eurosport 2
  • At The Races
  • Extreme Sports Channel
  • ESPN Classic
  • Fox News Channel
  • NDTV 24×7
  • STAR News

HD Channels in the News & Events Pack

  • Sky News HD
  • Sky Sports News HD
  • Eurosport HD

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What’s on?

Sky News Needs no introduction really, Sky’s flagship News channel

Sky Sports News Needs no introduction either – Sky Sports has in recent times become the authority channel for sports news

British Eurosport Enjoy the latest sporting activities from around Europe – football to rally driving, tennis and cricket

British Eurosport 2 Focuses on team sports that don’t get so much coverage, like basketball, lacrosse and Aussie rules football

At The Races Coverage of all major horse racing in the UK and Ireland, also includes races from all major events

Extreme Sports Channel Beware of broken bones! The Extreme Sports Channel offers you the chance to view some of the most dangerous sports being performed on television including BMX, Snowboarding, Surfing and more

ESPN Classic ESPN Classic is exactly that, classic sporting events and activities including some of the best footy the world has ever seen – played by some of the legends of the sport. Cricket, rugby and other sports feature too

Fox News Channel The Fox News channel will help keep you up-to-date on news events all around the world, 24 hours a day. Fox News is the biggest news channel in America but will always give the right wing version of events

NDTV 24×7 NDTV is the best channel for providing up-to-date news on critical events and entertainment in India – as the title suggests it broadcasts round the clock

STAR News The UK’s 24/7 source of information for news from South Asia and India

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