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3 Months Free on BT TV Packages

BT TV PackagesGreat news from BT, a new deal on two BT TV packages giving 3 months free on an 18 month contract. The packages in question are the Surf, Talk and Watch Unlimited and a new package called the Surf, Talk and Watch Plus – this is almost the same as Surf, Talk and Watch More but has unlimited anytime calls instead of just weekend. This new package features the BT Vision Bronze Value Pack, which gives you the TV Pack and the Replay Pack plus a choice of 2 others from Kids, Film, Sport and Music packs.

At the same time BT have reduced their broadband minimum term from 18 months to 12 months but have taken away the reduced price for the first 3 months deals, making it better value than ever to get a package rather than broadband on its own.

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