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3D TV – The Best New Products

3D TV will be the big story in 2010, and we’re starting to see some actual products entering the US and Japanese markets – here’s a summary of what three of the big hitters – Sony, LG and Samsung – are doing.

Sony have updated their Bravia range to include 3D compatibility, the flagship model being the LX900. A striking TV set on account of the screen going right to the edge of the display, the LX900 comes in 40″, 46″, 51″ and 60″ versions and comes with 2 pairs of RealID Active shutter 3D glasses – retailing for between £2,500 and £5,000 in Japan.

LG LX9900 3D TV

LG have unveiled a range of 3D TVs and also a 3D Blu-ray player, and the 3D standard for Blu-ray has only been announced very recently. The star of the new LG TVs is the LX9900, a 3D LED backlit model in 47″ and 55″ sizes which features two very impressive LG developments, Trumotion and Netcast. The former is 3D-specific and helps to counter the blur often experienced as images are screened alternately to each eye, while Netcast is a widget service that integrates your TV with web favourites such as YouTube and Picasa. Connectivity is excellent as you’d expect too with USB, Bluetooth and 4 HDMI 1.4 ports. The Blu-ray player, the BX580, also features USB, the Netcast service and HDMI 1.4 as well as WiFi and even access to the Gracenote music recognition database, as used by iTunes to identify a CD when you pop one in. Pricing for the LG 3D range is yet to be released…

Samsung 3D TVSamsung have really gone for it on the 3D front, with TVs and a Blu-ray player announced in a range of price brackets. The TVs come in 3 types – conventional LCD, plasma and LED (which uses LED-backlit LCD panels). LCD is the cheapest option, with the 46″ model expected to be around $1,700 when it comes out in the states, followed by the plasma range which starts at $1,800 for the 50″ and goes up to $3,800 for the 63″. Finally the LED range starts at around $2,000 and will go up to $3,200 for the 55″ model.

As well as with the product ranges, Samsung have shown they are fully behind 3D TV by doing a deal with DreamWorks to give Samsung an exclusivity on certain 3D versions of DreamWorks films, including all 4 Shrek movies. They have also put together a package where anyone who buys a 3D TV and Blu-ray player together will get 2 sets of 3D glasses (which will be fairly pricey themselves) and a 3D copy of Monsters vs Aliens.

Expect a lot more news throughout the year…

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