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Benefits of the Virgin TiVo Box – A Reminder

Virgin TiVo

As more households are getting the Virgin TiVo box installed, either as new customers or getting their box upgraded, it’s time for a reminder of some of the benefits of the service.

The TiVo Box Itself:

The TiVo box comes with two different storage capacities: 500GB or 1TB. The 500 GB box allows you to store up to fifty hours of HD television and approximately 250 hours of normal television and the 1TB box enables you to record up to 100 hours of HD television or 500 hours of normal television. Convenience is king with TiVo – you can set the box to record programmes remotely using your mobile or online, something that Sky have offered for a while. If you find yourself in a situation where you want to watch something different from somebody else, then Virgin TV provide you the option to record two different programmes simultaneously whilst watching a third programme. Additionally, if you are watching something pre-recorded, you can record three other programmes at the same time. Should you accidently delete a programme then fear not, it is not lost forever as the TiVo box stores recently deleted recordings for you as well.

The Channels:

If you can’t tear yourself away from your favourite Sky channels, then that is not a problem as you can keep them with Virgin TV. Channels such as Sky Sports, Sky Movies and Sky1 HD can be watched on Virgin TV (although Sports and Movies require an extra monthly subscription) and an added bonus of Virgin is that you do not have to pay any additional monthly amount to watch up to seventeen channels in HD as HD comes as standard on all packages.

Catch Up:

If you miss a programme then you can ‘catch up’ on it at no extra cost. All programmes which were part of the ‘pick of the week’ from the previous week are available to watch for seven days.


The TiVo box allows you access to many popular internet Apps including YouTube, Spotify, Twitter, EBay and BBC iPlayer, so if somebody else is hogging the laptop, you can still enjoy these popular sites through your television. The TiVo box has its own connection to fibre optic broadband (up to 10MB), so your normal internet connection will not be affected.

On Demand:

Virgin TV offer an On Demand service where you can access a huge library of your favourite Movies, Music and TV programmes in general. You can watch old classics as well as the latest releases; additionally many films are available to watch on the same day that they are released on DVD. Similar to a DVD, you have the option to rewind, play and pause programmes. If you know what you are looking for then simply ‘search’ for it, otherwise browse by genre.


It is so frustrating when you miss the beginning of a new series of something you watch regularly as you didn’t know it was back on. Luckily TiVo has a solution to this problem. There is a ‘WishList’ service available which will record your favourite series for you automatically. All you have to do is create a ‘WishList’ of the shows that you love to watch and sit back and relax and let TiVo take it from there. You needn’t worry about missing your favourite show again.

Virgin packages start from just £20 a month plus line rental of £13.90, and although there are no current Virgin Media voucher codes there are always special offers, at the time of writing that’s in the form of 3 months free.

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