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Channels in the Sky Knowledge Pack

Continuing our look at the channels currently available in each of the Sky Entertainment Packs, today it’s the turn of the Knowledge Pack. In case you’re new to Sky, when you subscribe to Sky TV you can pick one of the 6 packs as a basic package (for example if you take the Sky+ Starter package at £19.50 a month that will include one Entertainment Pack). You can then add more for £1 a month each or take all 6 for £24 a month. Any HD channels are only available if you subscribe to the HD Pack.

Knowledge Pack Channels

There are, at the time of writing, 15 channels in the Knowledge Pack, plus 9 time-shift versions (such as +1) and 7 HD channels. Here is the list in full;

  • >> Discovery Channel
  • >> Discovery Channel +1
  • >> Discovery HD
  • >> Discovery History
  • >> Discovery History +1
  • >> Discovery Turbo
  • >> Discovery Science
  • >> Discovery Science +1
  • >> Bio.
  • >> Bio. HD
  • >> Animal Planet
  • >> Animal Planet +1
  • >> National Geographic Channel
  • >> National Geographic Channel +1
  • >> National Geographic Channel HD
  • >> Nat Geo Wild
  • >> Nat Geo Wild HD
  • >> History
  • >> History +1
  • >> History HD
  • >> Military History
  • >> Eden
  • >> Eden +1
  • >> Eden HD
  • >> Blighty
  • >> Yesterday
  • >> Yesterday +1
  • >> Investigation Discovery
  • >> Crime & Investigation Network
  • >> Crime & Investigation Network +1
  • >> Crime & Investigation Network HD

What’s on?

Discovery Channel Launched in 1985 with the slogan ‘The world is just awesome’ the Discovery Channel is home to series such as Shark Week, How It’s Made and now Wildest Africa

Discovery History Loads of history content from the Discovery team including World War I in Colour, Time Team and Planes That Never Flew

Discovery Turbo British channel dedicated to cars, bikes, boats, and planes, with programmes such as American Hotrod, Ultimate Biker Challenge and Trainspotting

Discovery Science Broadcasting science documentaries since 1997, with programmes including Extreme Engineering, Invention Nation and It’s All Geek to Me

Bio A US channel devoted to biographical shows, this channel is all about people – from celebrities to tales of adventure and daring of ordinary (or not-so-ordinary) people

Animal Planet Another UK channel from the Discovery people, this one devoted to the animal kingdom, from Animal Crackers to Big Cat Diary and Meerkat Manor

National Geographic Channel Produced by the National Geographic Society, you’ll find high quality documentaries on nature, science, culture, and history

Nat Geo Wild From the same company but focusing on wildlife, popular programmes include Caught In The Act, Planet Carnivore and A Man Among Bears

History From medieval to recent history with a bit of conspiracy theory and more esoteric subjects like UFOs thrown in

Military History Big emphasis on World War II but also has programmes on other periods of miltary history

Eden Documentary channel showing mainly BBC factual favourites such as Big Cat Diary and The Blue Planet

Blighty Formerly UKTV People, a collection of UK-related programming from A Life of Grime to Save Our Boozer and Coast

Yesterday Originally known as UKTV History, so similar to the History Channel, plenty of war documentaries and others like Andrew Marr’s the Making of Modern Britain

Investigation Discovery UK crime channel, documentaries on missing persons, famous crimes and notorious criminals

Crime & Investigation Network Similar to ID (as it’s known) above, focuses on crime and mystery

Click on the image or here to learn more about the Knowledge Pack on the Sky website.

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