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Compare TV Set Up Fees

Digital TV packages tend to be judged by the monthly cost, so how about a look at the one-off set up fees involved when signing up to one of the big 3 providers? We thought we’d compare digital TV set-up fees. Of course the offers mentioned here are subject to change but here’s a look at what you would spend if you were to take out a package today.

Sky Set-Up Fees

This depends on whether you’re joining Sky+ (standard definition) or Sky+HD – customers joining Sky+ currently pay;

  • >>£30 set-up fee
  • >>Free Sky+ box – normally £49, this is an online exclusive
  • >>To help offset the set-up fee you get a £25 M&S voucher when you buy online too

For customers joining Sky+HD it’s;

  • >>No set-up fee
  • >>Free Sky+HD box
  • >>£10 upfront payment, deducted from your first bill
  • >>A £50 M&S voucher when you buy online

Virgin Media Set-Up Fees

Standard installation on Virgin Media is £40 but this is often waived depending on the bundle taken. There is also an activation fee of £49.95 for HD boxes (the V HD box or the V+HD box), so the set-up fees here depend on the bundle and the definition. Currently for a Dual or Triple bundle you’ll pay;

  • >>Free set-up – normally £40
  • >>Free basic Virgin TV box, or £49.95 activation fee for an HD box – however that is currently waived for any 50Mb Dual and Triple bundle
  • >>To help offset the set-up fee you get a £60 off your bill with any Triple bundle or £40 off any Dual bundle – this a limited time offer!

BT Vision Set-Up Fees

BT Vision customers who aren’t already with BT for phone or broadband will normally take one of the 3 TV, Broadband and Calls packages – set-up fees as follows;

  • >>£30 one-off activation charge – applies to all 3 packages
  • >>£60 one-off charge for the Vision+ Box if you take the cheapest bundle TV, Broadband and Calls
  • >>Free Vision+ Box if you take More TV, Broadband and Calls or Unlimited TV, Broadband and Calls

You can always find the latest special offers for each provider on our Sky TV, Virgin TV and BT Vision pages.

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