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Comparing 3D TV Packages

Sky 3D TV

As Sky Digital have announced that they now have 70,000 homes signed up to 3D TV we thought it would be a good time to update on what’s available in terms of 3D TV packages. It has to be said that despite Virgin Media sneaking in the first 3D content by a day last year Sky are way ahead in the 3D race. Taking a 3D TV and glasses as the first requirements, here is what you need to have and what you get on Sky and Virgin Media 3D…

Sky 3D TV

You need a Sky+HD box and Sky World with the HD Pack.

This costs £62.25 a month – £52 per month for the main package and £10.25 for the HD Pack.

You get all the Sky HD channels including sports and movies and, of course, Sky 3D.

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Virgin Media 3D

You need a V HD or V+ HD set top box with HD activated.

This costs £49.95 for the HD activation with either the M+, L or XL TV packs and no monthly fee for the V HD box. If you want the V+ HD box (pause, rewind and record live TV) there is a £5 a month charge for HD on the M+ and L packages.

You get Virgin’s 3D On Demand service. This consists of FilmFlex Movies On Demand from £4.75 for a 48 hour rental. If you have the XL package you also get a range of documentaries for free including 3D Sun. Animations including Xenopod and Curse of Skull Rock are free to all TV customers.

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Highlights on Sky’s 3D channel include;

  • >> Sports – including Man Utd v Man City on Feb 12th and Fulham v Chelsea on Feb 14th (perfect for Valentine’s Night!)
  • >> Movies – Toy Story 1 and 2 on Feb 25th and 26th, with Toy Story 3 on PPV at 2pm on Feb 14th
  • >> Entertainment – Prince’s Trust Rock Gala on Feb 13th and the final of Got to Dance on Feb 27th
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