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Hustle Season 7 Comes to an End

Fans of the BBC show Hustle will probably know by now that unfortunately season seven is coming to an end. It seems like only a few days ago we were watching the first episode where the crew took some time to help the honorary member of the team (Eddie) and his daughter.

Don’t be too sad though, the final episode, which is on today, is going to be by far the best one of the season with our most reliable grifter, Albert, firmly in the spotlight. While the rest of the crew find themselves occupied in a diamond heist, Albert takes time out to dwell on some apparently ‘life-changing news’ delivered by an old friend.

Only a few episodes ago, Hustle fans should be able to remember the consequences of trusting an old ‘friend’ who ends up trying to out-con them. It all worked out in the end though when they realised this and out-conned him instead with a cunning plan – however, should they just trust the new one?

Either way, since it’s the end of the season, let’s just hope that the show gets renewed by the BBC for season eight – I’m sure all die-hard Hustle fans will be rooting for that.

Anyway, you’ll have to watch the new episode to find out exactly what happens…

Hustle is on BBC1 and BBC1 HD. More info on Sky HD on our Sky HD page.

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  1. Wizborg says:

    Brilliant episode! Didn’t leave on a cliffhanger like most of the other seasons, but still.. Here’s to hoping for an 8th season.

    Real shame about Albert at the end (not wanting to give anything away), they could’ve made it a bit happier.

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