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More Sky Atlantic Goodies

Sky Atlantic

Following on from yesterday’s look at what’s on the new Sky Atlantic HD channel, here are 6 more of the key offerings over the next few weeks.

  • Bored to Death Another New York-based series, and why not, this one is about a writer, Jonathan Ames, who is in between commissions and has just split with his girlfriend so he decides to place an ad on Craigslist offering his services as a private investigator. Ted Danson is one of the stars, playing Jonathan’s suave man-about-town boss.
  • The Sopranos Not much background needed, one of the great recent success stories of US TV following the story of Tony Soprano and his life of crime.
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm Superb and vastly original comedy show in which Seinfeld creator Larry David plays himself – a big influence on Ricky Gervais and Jack Dee, among others.
  • Treme New Orleans in the star of the show, as the city rebuilds itself in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina – from the creators of The Wire and Law and Order.
  • Entourage Now in its 7th season, the tale of A-list Hollywood actor Vincent Chase – a New Yorker having the time of his life in LA. Loosely based on the experiences of executive producer Mark Wahlberg when he first found fame.
  • Weeds Running since 2005 and now on season 6, the black comedy based around widowed mother-of-two Nancy Botwin, who turns to dope dealing after the death of her husband and gets into gradually more dangerous situations as the story unfolds.
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