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Picture Box Movie Channel

Top Up TV Picture Box

As it’s BAFTA night tonight why not look at an alternative to Sky Movies, Picture Box. Picture Box is owned by NBC and is essentially a library of 28 movies (all from the catalogue of NBC Universal) which changes once a week when every Friday the oldest 7 films are replaced with a new batch. So at the time of writing, for example, the latest 7 movies are;

  • Shakespeare in Love
  • Knocked Up
  • The Secret Laughter of Women
  • Along Came Polly
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • American Pie 2
  • Mamma Mia

So these are available to view for 4 weeks and there are 3 other groups of 7 movies too – also as an example of what to expect here are the 7 movies with only 1 week left to watch at time of writing;

  • Thursday
  • Shaun of the Dead
  • The Adventures of Brer Rabbit
  • Y Tu Mama Tambien
  • The Good Shepherd
  • Wanted
  • Changeling (’08)

How to Get Picture Box

You can get Picture Box on Virgin Media, BT Vision and Top Up TV (among others but these are the most popular). So how does it compare price-wise?

Virgin Media

Picture Box is available as an extra channel on Virgin Media for £5 a month on top of your Virgin TV package – click here for more info on Virgin TV if you’re not already a subscriber. Virgin has the advantage of offering HD content, unlike BT Vision and Top Up TV.

BT Vision

BT Vision combines Freeview channels with additional TV Value Packs and extra Pay per View content, brought together in the form of the Vision+ Box. Vision Film Club, comprising the 28 movies available on Picture Box and more, is available as one of the choices in the Bronze (2 choices of Viewing Pack), Silver (3 choices) and Gold (all 4) Value Packs which are currently on offer at £12.50 a month, or as a standalone pack for £7.20 a month. Click here for more info.

Top Up TV

Picture Box is an option on Top Up TV for £7 a month, one of the benefits of Top Up being that there’s no minimum contract and you can take it month to month. The downside regarding Picture Box is that only 7 of the 28 movies are available at any one time. Click here for more about Top Up TV.

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