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Sky Sports on Freeview

Since August 2010 Top Up TV have been offering Sky Sports 1 & Sky Sports 2 to over 10 million Freeview homes in the UK – if you want Sky Sports on Freeview, that is you don’t want any long contracts, it is the cheapest option. How does it work?

You buy a Top Up TV box from £39.99, depending on how much storage you want, pay a £20 connection fee and then your fee for Sky Sports 1 is £19.99 a month - there are no other monthly charges – which is the cheapest way to get it without broadband and phone bundled in. See below for the cheapest Sky and Virgin deals.

This is quite a coup for the sports fans out there who don’t want to subscribe to Sky, Virgin and BT as Sky Sports 1 & 2 combined with ESPN will give you live access to 2010/11 Barclays Premier League games and Champions League matches previously only available on satellite and cable, plus a vast array of other sports. It’s also the first time customers are able to get Sky Sports without taking any bundled services like broadband and phone, and is the lowest stand-alone price for sport in the UK, with Sky Sports 1 available for just £19.99 a month, Sky Sports 1 & 2 for £29.99 a month and Sky Sports 1  and ESPN, for £29.98 a month.

Click here to go straight to the Top Up TV site.

As one of our readers has commented below it’s all very well looking for Sky Sports on Freeview if you really don’t want to commit to a contract but if a contract isn’t such a no-no then you’ll get a lot better value going with Sky or Virgin. If you want to compare the basic Sky+ with Sky Sports package against the Virgin Sky Sports package click on one of the banners below…

Sky Sports on Sky Sky Sports on Virgin

 Top Up TV  launched its new sports packs on Monday 2 August 2010.


2 Responses to “Sky Sports on Freeview”

  1. John Bloomfield says:

    I’m told that Sky Sports 1 & 2 are available on BT Vision, via Freeview. It also says ESPN is available. When I checked, it said I was unable to get them. I receive signals from Waltham and Sandy Heath, which also says they are not available.

    1… When is it planned for these transmitters to transmit these channels?
    2… I also have Freesat dish with HD receiver. Is it / will it be possible to receive them on this?

    I find this all very misleading and would appreciate your assistance to explain.
    Many thanks, John.

  2. steve clarke says:

    it’s still cheaper with sky mate (unfortunately) the prices on freeview are too expensive and on bt you only get half (of the sports) you would get by subscribing to sky for 75% of the cost.

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