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Sky TV Packages Simplified


On September 1st Sky Digital made the biggest changes in several years to their TV, broadband and phone packages – the choice of TV packs is now much simpler and there are some important changes to the way broadband and phone are bundled – here are the details.

TV Packages

Sky TV customers previously had the choice of one or more Entertainment Packs – Variety, Style and Culture, News and Events, Knowledge, Children’s and Music – and could take whichever ones they wanted, with the first pack charged at £19.50 a month and subsequent packs added for £1 a month each. Now the Variety Pack and the Style and Culture Pack have been merged into one pack called Sky Entertainment and new TV customers can either take this for £20 a month or all six packs – Sky Entertainment Extra – for £25 a month. Existing customers who had Variety and Style and Culture will see no change to their service, in fact the Sky Price Freeze ensures that they will carry on paying the same price until 31st August 2012. Existing customers with the Variety Pack and any of the other packs will automatically be upgraded to Entertainment Extra.

Sky Entertainment Package

Entertainment is the new name for the Variety Pack and the Style and Culture Pack combined – a good starter pack covering the most popular entertainment shows and genres of TV in the UK.

Sky Entertainment Extra Package

Entertainment Extra is the new name for all 6 of the Sky Entertainment Packs taken together – Variety, Style & Culture, Knowledge, News & Events, Children’s and Music. All new Sky TV customers now take one of these 2 combinations.

Sky Talk

From 1st September 2011 new customers on Sky Talk have to take Sky line rental for £12.25 a month – previously you had the choice between keeping your BT line rental or taking Sky’s instead. New customers taking Sky Broadband now have to take Sky Talk and Sky line rental too.

Sky Broadband

The two Sky Broadband sizes, Everyday Lite and Unlimited, are unchanged in the shake-up but they must now be taken with Sky Talk and line rental.

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