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Spotify and Sky Anytime on Virgin Media

Time for a round-up of developments on Virgin Media TV recently, as two nice new additions have been made to the service in the last few weeks.


Back in July Virgin announced that they’d struck a deal with music streaming service Spotify, and this week have announced the deals available to customers. At the moment it’s limited to new customers or those renewing their contract and it gives you 6 months free Spotify Premium if you take Broadband Xl, XXL or the superfast 100Mb service – this is equivalent to £60 as the Premium service is £10 a month. There is a new Spotify app for TiVo to make it easy to access the service through your TV.

If you’ve never used Spotify before it’s a pretty big library of music that you don’t download and keep but just stream to your PC or phone whenever you like. Anyone who registered previously can get Spotify free which used to be different only in that it featured ads every 15 minutes or so but earlier this year it was also capped at 5 plays of any song. The alternative is Spotify Premium for £10 a month which gives you unlimited plays, which is what you get free for 6 months with this deal. The selection is good albeit with a few omissions on big names – no Led Zep, no Beatles, limited Bowie and hardly any Pink Floyd – and is a handy way to sample new music.

Sky Anytime Plus

The other notable development in October has been the addition of Sky Anytime to Virgin’s TV XL package. This is a huge library of on-demand content from Sky channels and Sky Movies and Sports – now it’s available on Virgin it has increased the provider’s on-demand content by over a third in one fell swoop, with around 6,500 hours of TV and movies now available.

TV-wise the new content includes episodes of Glee, Steven Spielberg’s Terra Nova and programmes from Sky1, Sky Living, Sky Arts and Sky News. A quick flick through Sky Arts 1 today was promising with lots of interesting stuff for most tastes – to find the TV content in TiVo XL go to ‘TV Choice XL’ then select ‘By Channel’ then ‘Sky Anytime’. This wasn’t obvious at first as there is a much more prominent link to the Sports and Movies content on Anytime which made it look as though the TV channels weren’t available. While it is only on TV XL initially the plan is to include Anytime in all TV packages from next year.

You can find out more by visiting the Virgin site here.

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