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TV with Built-In Internet

Internet TVs

Internet TVs (otherwise known as ‘Smart TVs’) have an in-built internet connection which means you do not have to add anything to your TV to enjoy online content and web browsing on a big screen, and many internet TVs come with Wi-Fi, so there is no need to have messy wires coming out of the back of the telly. Bear in mind the web element of these TVs is purely an additional feature – you can use it for web or for standard TV, so it won’t stop working if your broadband connection is down.

A question many will ask is why would you want to use an internet TV? Well there are some simple answers to this…

  • You can use the big screen on your internet TV, to chat on Facebook while at the same time watch your favourite Virgin TV channel and not have to get your laptop
  • Find out some information about your favourite actress while you continue to watch a movie on LOVEFilm and you do not have to pause it or miss any part of it.
  • Show your friends a new You Tube clip you have come across without having to pass around your iPhone or crowd around your PC.

If you have decided to buy an internet TV these are the features that you need to look out for:

  • TV Specification Although you are going to buy a television for its internet abilities, bear in mind the other aspects which are important on a TV. For example, resolution, picture quality, screen size, responsiveness and audio. Additionally, devices which are LAN compliant (Local Area Network) are usually the best. This feature enables you to access other files from different devices which are also connected by LAN.
  • Internet Choose a Smart TV which has in-built Wi-Fi capabilities. Although internet TVs have internet access, remember that each one has different number of websites which are accessible more easily thanks to apps. Equally, look into what apps each brand of TV offers, as this is crucial as not all brands offer the same apps – if you want access to Facebook or Twitter then make sure the TV you choose has these apps available. The best choice would be a system which has apps already installed by the manufacturer but also allows you to buy additional apps of your choice, as not all Smart TVs have this additional option.
  • Help and Support It is good to have access to various support networks should you experience any difficulties with your new TV or simple have any questions that need answering. Telephone and Email contact are the basic form of support that you should expect. Ideally, look out for live chat facilities where you can speak to tech support and also access to community forums.

With all this in mind, you can enjoy having internet access, on a large screen, from the comfort of your armchair. Enjoy the experience even more by making sure that you choose the correct internet TV with browsing facilities and Apps that are suitable for you, as well as enhanced picture quality.

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