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Virgin 3D TV

Virgin Media Deals

Virgin Media famously launched their 3D TV offering one day before Sky 3D was due to launch back in September 2010, with a selection of on-demand movies in 3D as part of the FilmFlex service. The lead movie was StreetDance 3D, followed over the next couple of months by Garfield’s Pet Force 3D, Disney’s A Christmas Carol 3D and Step Up 3D.

Disney and Paramount Movies in 3D

This month Virgin have announced a deal with Disney and Paramount Pictures to show more 3D movies, including Jackass 3D from Paramount and Disney’s TRON: Legacy. Watch this space for more additions to the Virgin 3D range…

How to Get 3D on Virgin

Virgin may have a lot less 3D content than Sky at the moment but the one advantage is that any Virgin TV customer can access 3D programming as long as they have either the V HD Box, the V+HD Box or the new TiVo box, and of course a 3D TV to watch it on. To get 3D TV on Sky you need to subscribe to the Sky World package, whch is the top all-singing all-dancing one so quite expensive.

The Virgin Media starter package is TV M+ which costs £6.50 a month plus £12.99 Virgin phone line rental.

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The next Virgin Media package up is TV L which costs £12.50 a month plus £12.99 Virgin phone line rental.

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The top TV package is TV XL, with over 160 channels and more importantly at the moment the ability to add the fantastic new Virgin TiVo box which integrates your TV package with content on the web. £24.50 a month plus £12.99 Virgin phone line rental.

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