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Virgin TiVo In Demand

Virgin TiVo Box

As we reported back in March (wow, almost a year ago) there is a new service called TiVo coming to Virgin Media which integrates your Virgin TV watching with content on the web, recommendations automatically given to you based on what you view and lots more. The TiVo Box was meant to be released in December 2010 but has been held up slightly and is currently being installed in selected homes, probably in order to do a soft launch so that any teething problems can be fixed on small numbers of people.

The box itself (pictured) is HD, of course, and 3D ready and has a massive 1 terabyte hard drive for storage, enough for around 500 hours of TV. The user interface is the real selling point, linking what you watch to related content on the web, whether by who is starring in the show or by other factors. The box almost gets to know your viewing habits, the kind of programme or film you like and will make recommendations based on this data – very clever.

Around 50,000 households have already signed up to get a Virgin TiVo Box installed so it will take a while before demand is met but if you’d like to register your interest, whether already a Virgin Media customer or not, click here or on the image.

Pricing for the TiVo service will be different for each of the different Virgin TV packages – it’s safe to say it won’t be cheap to start with but will be worth every penny by the sound of it – more pricing details to follow.

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