Virgin All XL TiVo Triple

A truly XL-ent deal, this package is a TiVo triple bundle consisting of everything in size XL – TV XL, the top Virgin Media TV size with over 160 channels, Phone XL with unlimited anytime calls to UK landlines and a fast 30Mb connection in the shape of Broadband XL.

TiVo too – the heart of the TV package is the 500GB TiVo box which enables you to record, pause and rewind live TV like any PVR, or Personal Video Recorder, but gives you lots more advanced searching, browsing and recording options – one example is the Wishlist, a bit like a series link but cleverer, it will record TV relevant to keywords that you’ve entered, and even record Suggestions – programmes it thinks you will also like. The TiVo box has its own 10Mb broadband connection, independent of the 30Mb service in the bundle, so you can watch YouTube and run other web apps on the box without affecting the regular internet.

Broadband XL, like all Virgin Media broadband, is known for giving a speed very close to the one advertised and comes with online storage and a free wireless router.

The package costs £50 a month plus £13.90 a month line rental. TiVo activation and installation are currently free for the 500GB box, the same bundle is also available with a V HD Box for £47 a month plus line rental or with a 1TB TiVo box for an extra one-off £49.95 activation.

For more info on the Virgin site just click the banner below and select £50 bundle from the list on the left.

Details of the Virgin All XL TiVo Triple package

TiVo from Virgin Media

Virgin TiVo Box

TiVo originated in the US but is now in the UK exclusively in partnership with Virgin Media. The main advantage it has over its rivals is in searching and browsing - instead of just searching either catch-up TV from the last week or the channels in your package, say, you can now search for programmes across live TV, web TV content, On Demand and catch-up all at once. Search for 'Sean Connery' and you might get a couple of films and a James Bond documentary from various TV channels and then an awards acceptance speech from YouTube. You can search in this way by actor, director or title. Another feature is the 'Wishlist', which ia a bit like Series Link but you can build a Wishlist based on keywords and TiVo will record everything that fits the bill rather than just a specific TV series.

The box itself has a 500GB hard drive for recording, its own 10Mb broadband connection so use of the web features won't interfere with the main broadband of the household and an intelligent set-up that gets to know what you like to watch. One of the ways it gets to know you is by how you use the 'Thumbs Up' and 'Thumbs Down' keys on the remote, which lets the box know your opinion of a show, as it will record shows it thinks you will like, although never at the expense of a programme you have requested to record which will always take priority. As with all of the Virgin PVR boxes the TiVo boxes have 3 tuners so you can record 2 channels while watching a third or record 3 channels while watching a previously recorded show.

Included in the Bundle

  • Virgin TV XL - this package consists of 160 channels including Sky1, ESPN and National Geographic
  • Virgin Phone XL - unlimited UK anytime calls to 01, 02 and 03 numbers and Virgin Mobiles
  • Virgin Broadband XL - Up to 30Mb speed, unlimited downloads, free wireless router