Virgin Broadband XL

Broadband XL

Broadband XL is Virgin Media’s second broadband package after the 10Mb size ‘L’ – with a 30Mb download speed it’s a step up for those who want a little bit more speed, maybe to download more music and a few movies or for families with a few internet users all online at once. The download allowance is the same (unlimited but subject to a fair usage policy) but you get everything that bit quicker – an average music track can be downloaded in less that 2 seconds and a 1.6GB movie will take less than 12 minutes.

Virgin Broadband

While the speed is advertised at ‘up to 30Mb’ the average experienced is actually just over at 30.62Mbps (that’s megabytes per second). Virgin Media broadband is transmitted via fibre-optic cable rather than on the regular phone network, and this helps them to deliver consistently high average speeds (for which they’ve won awards), although it does mean you need to live in an area that’s been cabled to get it so availability may not be so good in rural areas. You can check your postcode on the Virgin site here.

Prices and Packages

There are three ways to get Broadband XL – on its own as a ‘solus’ product, with phone or TV as a dual package or with both phone and TV as a triple bundle – here’s how they compare;

  • Broadband XL on its own costs £27.50 a month on a 12 month contract and has a £49.95 installation fee
  • Broadband XL with Phone M (included weekend calls) costs £18.50 a month plus £13.90 line rental – total £32.40 – on an 18 month contract
  • Broadband XL in a triple bundle with TV M+ and Phone M costs £25 a month plus £13.90 line rental, total £38.90

Note – the monthly prices above are before any promotions or discounts – check our main Virgin Media page here to see the current deal alerts.

Details of the Virgin Broadband XL package

Broadband XL has a download speed of 30Mb with unlimited downloads and comes with the following features;

  • Virgin Media Super Hub wireless router. This is the latest router/modem from Virgin with improved range and coverage, the latest wireless N technology and future-proofed to be able to handle speeds over 100Mb
  • Spotify Premium free for 6 months - the popular music streaming service with over 15m songs online
  • Online backup and storage The Virgin broadband packages come with free online file storage - 10GB with the XL size - and an automatic backup service to keep files to let you save files and access them from anywhere
  • Free photos Virgin give you up to free 50 photo prints a month with the XL package
  • Email addresses Your main email address plus another 10
  • Support and Security Last but not least 24 hour online support, phone support too, and Virgin Media's own internet security suite to protect you from viruses and spyware

If you take Broadband XL with a phone line you get unlimited weekend calls to UK landline numbers and Virgin mobiles for £13.90 a month line rental.

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