Virgin Sky Sports Bundle

Sky Sports on Virgin Media

The Sky Sports bundle from Virgin Media comes in 3 sizes to cater for everyone from the casual fan to the ultimate sports fanatic; the bundles are called Followers, Fans and Fanatics and the latter comes with the entire Sky Sports collection of Sky Sports 1, 2, 3 and 4 plus ESPN HD and Eurosport HD.

You can build your own Virgin bundle with any combination of TV, phone and broadband – more details below – but these 3 Virgin Sky Sports bundles aimed at new customers are dual packages, that is they consist of TV and phone. Each one comes with Phone M, the basic Virgin phone size giving you included weekend calls, for which you need to pay £13.90 a month line rental on top of the price of the bundle below.

  • Followers TV M+ with Sky Sports 1 – £24 a month Total £37.90
  • Fans TV M+ with Sky Sports Collection HD – Sky Sports HD 1, Sky Sports HD 2, Sky Sports 3, Sky Sports 4 and Sky Sports News – £39 a month Total £52.90
  • Fanatics TV XL including ESPN HD with Sky Sports Collection HD – Sky Sports HD 1, Sky Sports HD 2, Sky Sports 3, Sky Sports 4 and Sky Sports News – £54 a month Total £67.90

Monthly prices here are with a 500GB TiVo box – you can get each one with the basic V HD Box instead for £3 per month less if you prefer – the V HD box, as the name suggests, is HD ready but does not pause, rewind and record, so if you want those kinds of functions and lots more the extra £3 a month is well worth it. More about Virgin TiVo here.

Details of the Virgin Sky Sports Bundle package

After Sky themselves, Virgin offer the best choice of Sky Sports channels, the only ones missing being the HD versions of Sky Sports 3 and 4 which are only available on Sky.

Build Your Own Virgin Sports Bundle

New and existing customers alike can build bundles around Sky Sports to get the exact combination they need. The first step should be to decide how many channels of regular TV you want from these packages:

  • M+ 65 channels - including Eurosport, At the Races & Sky Sports News £9.50 a month
  • L 100 channels - also includes Extreme £15.50 a month
  • XL 160 channels - also includes ESPN, ESPN America & ESPN Classic £27.50 a month

Prices shown are conditional on a Virgin phone line for an extra £13.90 a month line rental, which includes unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines - you can take TV without the phone but the prices are then £12.50, £18.50 and £30.50 a month respectively.

Then you can add Sky Sports 1 or Sky Sports 2 for an extra £14.50 a month or the Sky Sports Collection for £22.50 a month - this is Sky Sports 1, 2, 3 and 4 with 1 and 2 also in HD.

Finally if you want to make it a triple bundle you can add Virgin Media broadband, which comes in three sizes as follows;

  • L Up to 10Mb download speed, unlimited use
  • XL Up to 30Mb download speed, unlimited use
  • XXL Up to 50Mb download speed, unlimited use

There is also a 100Mb broadband which is being rolled out across the UK so is available in some areas. Virgin's broadband has regularly been praised in the industry for delivering the closest actual speeds to those advertised.