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Virgin Media TiVo

TiVo is what Virgin Media describe as the next generation of TV and is the most sophisticated digital TV service in the UK. Originating in the US, TiVo is all about integration of the content in your TV package with related content on the web, leading to personalisation of your viewing service as TiVo starts to recommend shows and movies based on what you watch. You can also search for your favourite stars and directors by keyword and have related content automatically recorded – plenty of disc space too as the Virgin TiVo box comes in both 500GB and 1TB sizes so you have hours of space to play with.

Key Points In a hurry? Here are the key features of TiVo from Virgin Media;

  • All the functions of V+HD and more
  • Easy to search not just your TV channels but On-Demand and online content too
  • Plenty of hard drive to record – 1TB or 500GB available
  • Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down feature to tell your TiVo box what you like or don’t like
  • TiVo box can then recommend TV you might like – even record it for you
  • Add in Facebook, Twitter and eBay apps to do it all in one place – on your TV

What Does TiVo Do?

Virgin TiVo Box

TiVo has two main functions – to find and organise content across live TV, catch-up, On Demand and the web and to record it for you. Add to this a few nifty ‘apps’ that enable you to access web services like Facebook, Twitter and eBay and you have TiVo.

Search on TiVo

Firstly you can search for programmes on TiVo by category, such as TV, Movies or Sport, or by a more specific one such as Action and Adventure. This is great for browsing but if you’re looking for something by your favourite actor or director you can also use keywords to search TiVo for any relevant content – just start entering the keywords in the box and TiVo searches all live TV available for the next two weeks, and any On Demand shows, containing that word. This could be a movie from FilmFlex, a programme from live TV or a clip on YouTube – TiVo brings it all together as one.

Tip! >> When you’re searching for an actor or director enter the name in the format ‘last name, first name’<<

TiVo WishList

If you try a search by actor or director and get no results back then creating a WishList is an easy way to come back and try the search again in the future. Once you’ve created a WishList by going to Search & Browse > My WishList Searches > Create a WishList Search you can ask the TiVo box to automatically record any programmes that fit the bill or if you’d rather check for content yourself you can go to View coming soon programmes.

TiVo Suggestions

Virgin TiVo remote

The TiVo box is a very intelligent piece of kit and will get to learn what you like to watch and make suggestions for you – these suggestions are automatically recorded for you subject to disc space and as long as a recording set by you doesn’t clash with it (your own recordings always take priority). It will get to know your TV tastes based on a number of factors;

  • The Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down buttons – a trademarked feature of TiVo, these 2 buttons on the remote will tell the box what you think of each show if you choose to use them. A Thumbs Up will add the programme to your Favourites.
  • What you choose to record will tell the box the kind of thing you like
  • If you don’t agree with the suggestions you can go to My Shows > Improve my TiVo Suggestions and use the thumb buttons to express your approval or otherwise

Tip! >> There’s a folder called Upcoming Suggestions – if you agree with all of them just press Thumbs Up to make the whole folder appear in your favourites<<

Virgin TiVo Box

The Virgin TiVo Box has all the specifications of the V+HD Box plus a terabyte of storage (enough for 500 hours of standard definition TV) or 500GB (around 250 hours) and its own dedicated 10Mb broadband connection, meaning you can use it to access lots of extra TV content from the web without slowing down the internet for the rest of the household. So, like the V+HD Box the TiVo Box is HD and 3D ready and has 3 tuners built in, so you can record 2 channels while watching another or even record 3 channels while watching a previously recorded programme from the hard drive. See our Virgin TiVo box page for more details.

Virgin TiVo Packages

TiVo from Virgin Media is available on all three of the main Virgin TV sizes M+, L and XL and in triple bundles with broadband and landline phone. There is a one-off charge for the TiVo box and installation and then a small extra monthly fee for TiVo depending on which size TV package you have. Click the button below to see the TiVo packages on the Virgin Media site…

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Starter TV Bundle
From £20 a month

Virgin TV M+

Size ‘M+’ TV, that’s 75 channels, On Demand & Catch-Up, 10Mb Broadband + unlimited weekend phone calls! Free TiVo box activation and installation at the moment saving £99.50. From £20 p/m plus £13.90 Virgin phone line rental.

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Great Value TiVo
£23 a month

Virgin TiVo Box

Free TiVo box activation and installation special offer! The amazing 500GB TiVo Box – 10MB Broadband built in – live, on demand and catch-up TV. TV M+, Broadband L & Phone M. £13.90 line rental.

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Super Speedy Broadband
£34.50 a month

Virgin 50MB Broadband

Superfast 50Mb Broadband, Size ‘M+’ TV (75 channels, On Demand, Catch-Up) & Phone with free weekend calls with a Virgin phone line Free TiVo box and free installation. Plus £13.90 per month Virgin phone line rental.

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TiVo 1TB with TV XL
£45 a month

Virgin V+HD

TV size ‘XL’ – 175 channels – massive 1TB TiVo Box for £49.95 one-off fee. Record & pause HD and 3D TV, 10Mb Broadband and Phone with Talk Weekends – £13.90 per month Virgin phone line required. Loads of channels!

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