Cable Broadband

Virgin Media is the main cable broadband provider in the UK. Formerly NTL, which merged with Telewest and was then acquired by the Virgin Group, the company’s broadband offering, generally bundled with digital TV and landline phone, is the leader in the field of cable broadband as it provides the best streaming, browsing, downloading and gaming experience thanks to its amazing maximum speed of 50MB. Virgin uses the best quality fibre optic cable, which ensures high speed connectivity and has the advantage of not requiring phone line connectivity like other providers.

Virgin cable broadband comes in speeds of L, XL and XXL, plus in certain areas an amazing 100MB is now available.

Package L gives a speed of up to 10 megabytes for £21 per month
Package XL gives a speed of up to 30 megabytes for £28.50 per month
Package XXL gives a speed of up to 50 megabytes for £35 per month
Subject to availability the 100MB broadband is £45 per month

See this page for details of Virgin TV packages and remember that the standard prices above are often discounted for promotional periods – see this page for Virgin TV deals.

Best Value Bundle
£20 a month

Virgin Value Bundle

Size ‘M+’ TV, that’s 65 channels, On Demand & Catch-Up, 10Mb Broadband + unlimited weekend phone calls! Free installation. Now available with 6 months half price! Plus £13.90 per month Virgin phone line rental.

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Great Value TiVo
£23 a month

Virgin TiVo Box

£13 a month for 6 months! The amazing 500GB TiVo Box – 10MB Broadband built in – search and record live, on demand and catch-up TV. TV M+, Broadband L & Phone M. One-off TiVo Box fee. Plus £13.90 line rental.

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Super Speedy Broadband
£31.50 a month

Virgin 50MB Broadband

Superfast 50Mb Broadband, Size ‘M+’ TV (65 channels, On Demand, Catch-Up) & Phone with free weekend calls with a Virgin phone line £15.75 for the first 6 months. Plus £13.90 per month Virgin phone line rental.

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Top TiVo Bundle
£41 a month

Virgin V+HD

TV size ‘XL’ – 160 channels – TiVo Box for £49.95 one-off fee. Record & pause HD and 3D TV, 10Mb Broadband and Phone with Talk Weekends. £22 a Month First 6 Months! £13.90 per month Virgin phone line required.

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