Virgin Broadband XXL

Virgin Broadband XXL is perfect for the heavier internet user. It comes with download speeds of up to 50MB, which is a lot more than any other broadband provider in the UK can give you. With a 50MB download speed you can download a song in MP3 format within seconds of clicking download, you can also download a film within 10-15 minutes! With this you’ll also get a blazing fast upload speed of 1.5MB which is more than enough for anyone since this can upload an MP3 file within a minute and a picture within seconds.

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Details of the Virgin Broadband XXL package

With the Virgin Broadband XXL package you’ll be receiving a free router which isn’t the standard Motorola one you’ll get from Virgin Media, you’ll also receive a free Wireless N router so you can share your blazing fast internet speeds around the home without the need for any messy wires, you will need a WiFi enabled computer though.

Since your broadband will be running through Virgin Media’s extensive network of underground fibre optic cables, you’ll know that you don’t have to pay a line rental charge to BT or that you won’t experience any bad service due to bad weather.