Virgin Media TiVo XL Phone L

TiVo from Virgin Media is a new way of organising your TV viewing – it lets you find, record and store programmes, films and other content from your live TV channels, TV On Demand, catch-up TV and online video sites like YouTube in one go, bringing it all together in one box.

Take TiVo with Virgin’s TV XL package and you really have a great choice of telly, as there are over 160 channels in XL including ESPN, Sky 1 and National Geographic plus access to all of Virgin’s TV Choice on demand content.

The regular monthly cost is £45 a month plus line rental but if you order before Sept 30th you get it for £26 a month for the first 6 months, also plus Virgin line rental which is £13.90 a month. A one-off fee of &49.95 applies for the box.

This bundle also comes with Phone L, giving you unlimited evening & weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin mobiles. If you don’t need that much phone use take a look at the Virgin Media TiVo XL package which is the same as this one but with Phone M.

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Details of the Virgin Media TiVo XL Phone L package

What's in the Package

Virgin TiVo Box

  • >> TV XL - over 160 channels from all the free-to-air favourites to ESPN, Sky 1 and Discovery. XL also gives you access to the full range of TV Choice on demand content on Virgin, with entire series of top shows like House, Heroes and Dexter there to be watched at will
  • >> Phone L - unlimited evening and weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobiles
  • >> Broadband L - download speeds of up to 10Mb, unlimited downloads subject to fair usage policy, a free wireless router, 5GB of online storage and 10 free photo prints per month. Virgin Media are known as the fastest broadband supplier so the 10Mb advertised is what you will get - average 9.5 - 9.7Mb

Features of Virgin TiVo

Virgin have referred to it as 'turbocharging your TV' among other things, and the TiVo service has loads of amazing features - here are the key points;

  • >> Record three programmes, watch a fourth Like the V HD and V+HD boxes the TiVo box has 3 tuners, meaning you can record 2 channels while watching a third or even record 3 channels while watching a previously recorded show. Great for a seriously telly-addicted family!
  • >> WishList Like Series Link but better, WishList lets you save a keyword search for a show, genre or actor and every time a programme fits the bill TiVo will record it for you. What's more once you’ve recorded a show, the TiVo box records every episode of that show until you tell it not to.
  • >> A great way to search Search by title, actor or director then once you’ve found what you’re looking for you can add similar programmes straight to your WishList
  • >> Web apps on the TV TiVo has apps to let you do your eBay, Facebook, Twitter and more through the TV
  • >> Built-in broadband The TiVo Box has its own 10Mb broadband connection so you can access web TV without affecting the broadband for the rest of the household