Virgin TV M + Phone M

Virgin TV M and Phone M is the perfect package to get started with Virgin Media’s digital services.

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Details of the Virgin TV M + Phone M package

The Virgin TV M comes with over 45 digital TV channels including Sky 3, Sky News and more. It also comes with DAB Digital Radio stations completely free of charge. Virgin TV M also comes with a massive library of on demand catch-up TV so you can catch up on TV you’ve missed in the past 7 days.

Virgin Phone M allows you to make unlimited weekend calls to UK land line numbers so you don’t get charged a dime for the talking you do in your own time.

When you buy Virgin Media’s cable services you know that you won’t have to pay BT a line rental charge and that the you won’t experience loss of service due to bad weather, since everything is run via Virgin Media’s vast network of underground fibre optic cables.

All this is free from Virgin Media but there is a one time set-up cost of £40 which includes the price of the Virgin V Box and the connection fee.