Virgin TV XL + Phone M

Virgin TV XL and Phone M is the perfect package for people looking for a more entertaining TV experience.

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Details of the Virgin TV XL + Phone M package

The Virgin TV XL package comes with 160 digital TV channels and there’s at least one for every type of audience so there’s something for everyone. It comes with channels like Sky 1, 2, 3, Sky News, Virgin1, ESPN and more. It also comes with a free on demand catch-up service, which allows you to catch up on the last 7 days of TV so you can watch what you missed during the week.

The Virgin Phone M comes with free unlimited weekend calls to all UK landlines so you won’t get charged a dime for talking in your own time, and because you’ll be using Virgin Media’s vast network of underground fibre optic cable you’ll know that you won’t have a bad service in bad weather and that you won’t have to pay BT for their line.