Virgin VIP

VIP, or Very Impressive Package, is the top TV bundle from Virgin Media and is made up of the biggest and best of everything they offer. This is what you get;

  • >> TV XL – 160 channels
  • >> Broadband XXL – 50Mb speeds
  • >> Phone XL – Anytime calls to UK landlines
  • >> Sky Sports Collection with HD
  • >> Sky Movies Collection with HD

So apart from the broadband, where there is a 100Mb option in parts of the country, this is everything to the max – like the Virgin Media equivalent of Sky World with unlimited Talk and broadband. To cap it all (and where Virgin currently have the edge) you can opt for the revolutionary Virgin TiVo box with the package for the same price as the V+HD box. TiVo from Virgin Media lets you search for content from live TV, On Demand, catch-up or the web and the box has 500GB of recording space to use. You can set keyword searches for your favourite actor, director or title and have it record everything that fits the bill – it will even get to know what you like and record suggestions for you without being asked.

The regular monthly fee for VIP is £87.56 plus £13.90 Virgin line rental but order before 30th Sept and you get the triple bundle element half price for 6 months, bringing the total down to £62.81 plus line rental. There is a one-off activation fee for the V+HD box or TiVo box, whichever you choose.

Deal alert! 6 Months Half Price on all TV packages with a Virgin phone line. >>> £60 off all Triple Packages and £30 off all Dual Packages. >>> Free installation on all TiVo packages, all triple bundles and all duals with broadband. >>> £5 off for 3 months on all solus broadband deals – free activation on the 50Mb and 100Mb packages too. >>> Dual broadband deals with XL, XXL and 100Mb now with 6 months half price. Full details of the deals »

Details of the Virgin VIP package

What's in the Package


  • TV XL - Over 160 channels from the regular free-to-air such as XXXXX to subscription channels like Sky 1, Discovery, National Geographic and ESPN. XL also gives you access to TV Choice On Demand where you can find whole series of top TV shows like House and Heroes.
  • Broadband XXL - Up to 50Mb download speeds with unlimited usage, subject to the usual fair usage policy. Broadband XXL also comes with unlimited online storage and 100 free photo prints a month.
  • Phone XL - Unlimited anytime calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile numbers, no more having to watch the clock on those daytime calls.
  • Sky Sports Collection - Sky Sports 1, 2, 3 and 4 and Sky Sports News. Sky Sports 1 and 2 are also available in HD on Virgin Media - see the Sky Sports on Virgin Media page for full details.
  • Sky Movies Collection - Everything in Sky Movies 1 and 2 plus Sky Movies Premiere - see our Sky Movies on Virgin Media page for more info.

More About Virgin TiVo

Virgin have referred to it as 'turbocharging your TV' among other things, and the TiVo service has loads of amazing features - here are the key points;

  • >> Record three programmes, watch a fourth Like the V HD and V+HD boxes the TiVo box has 3 tuners, meaning you can record 2 channels while watching a third or even record 3 channels while watching a previously recorded show. Great for a seriously telly-addicted family!
  • >> WishList Like Series Link but better, WishList lets you save a keyword search for a show, genre or actor and every time a programme fits the bill TiVo will record it for you. What's more once you’ve recorded a show, the TiVo box records every episode of that show until you tell it not to.
  • >> A great way to search Search by title, actor or director then once you’ve found what you’re looking for you can add similar programmes straight to your WishList
  • >> Web apps on the TV TiVo has apps to let you do your eBay, Facebook, Twitter and more through the TV
  • >> Built-in broadband The TiVo Box has its own 10Mb broadband connection so you can access web TV without affecting the broadband for the rest of the household