BT TV Broadband and Calls

This package is perfect for people just getting started with digital TV and is a good introduction to the services BT can offer – the BT Vision part consists of the 70 Freeview channels through the Vision+ Box with everything else on demand on a Pay As You Go basis. This means you can watch any of the on demand shows but pay for each one every time you watch it on a 24 hour rental. Prices start from 50p a show and from £2.50 a movie for Vision Box Office Films.

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Details of the BT TV Broadband and Calls package

The TV part of this bundle is the BT Vision Bronze Value Package that comes with a Vision+ Box digital TV recorder, 70 Freeview channels and 4 viewing packs, which include TV and Replay and 2 channels from sports, kids, music and film club.

The broadband in this package comes with download speeds of up to 20MB with a monthly usage limit of 40GB which is more than enough for the average internet user. It also comes with a Wireless BT Home Hub worth £89.99, free unlimited Wi-Fi minutes to connect to the internet for free across the UK and globally, advanced internet security from McAfee (basic security only on TV Entertainment, Broadband and Calls package), generous online storage to help you protect and share your files and photographs, personalised homepage and unlimited storage email with BT Yahoo! and free 24/7 helpline.

The phone plan is the Unlimited Weekend Calling Plan which includes unlimited calls to UK landlines on weekends, including 0845 and 0870 numbers. You can also add BT Answer 1571, voicemail and other calling features once you’ve signed up. It comes with free customer support and no connection fees for new lines.