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Sky Movies

Sky Movies is the number one TV movies service in the UK and is available from Sky or from Virgin Media. In order to compare Sky Sports packages we’ll look at the cheapest package and the most comprehensive package a new customer can get from each of the 2 providers, but first here is a snapshot of the differences. The best package for you depends on a number of factors including availability in your area, length of contract you’re willing to take and whether you are able to install a dish on your property.

Sky TV

  • £16 a month for complete Sky Movies
  • Sky Movies 1 or 2 £8 a month
  • Triple bundles from £20 a month

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Virgin Media

  • £21.50 a month for complete Sky Movies
  • Sky Movies 1 or 2 £14.50 a month
  • Triple bundles from £20.00 a month

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Unlike when we compare Sky Sports packages, where availability of channels varies from provider to provider, comparing Sky Movies deals is easier because the same content is available on Sky and Virgin Media (with the small exception of Sky Movies Classics in HD), so the differences lie in the TV bundles themselves.

Compare Sky Movies Deals

Sky+ HD Starter with Sky Movies

Sky TV

You can add Sky Movies on to your Sky TV package for an extra £16 a month – this is what the Sky+HD starter package would give you if you added Sky Movies -

  • >> Sky+HD box to pause, rewind and record live TV
  • >> The Sky Entertainment Pack
  • >> The Sky HD Pack
  • >> Sky Movies – 11 Sky Movies channels plus bonus channel Disney Cinemagic
  • >> Sky Broadband Everyday Lite – up to 20Mb speeds with 2GB monthly usage
  • >> Sky Talk Freetime with unlimited evening and weekend calls to UK landlines

The Sky+ HD starter bundle costs £30.25 a month plus £16 a month for Sky Movies, plus phone line rental for £12.25 a month – total £55. If you prefer you can add just Sky Movies 1 or 2 for £8 a month.

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Virgin Media TiVo Bundle with Sky Movies

Virgin Media

Virgin Media also have the full line-up of Sky Movies channels (although Classics is not in HD on Virgin Media) to add on to one of their TV packages. It costs £14.50 a month for Sky Movies 1 or Sky Movies 2 or £21.50 a month for the whole collection. Here we’re going to look at a TiVo package, as the activation fee for HD is the same price as a 500GB TiVo box – if you need to know more about the new TiVo service click here for extra reading.

This is what the cheapest Virgin TiVo triple bundle would give you with Sky Movies added -

  • >> Vigin TiVo 500GB box to pause, rewind and record live TV and lots more
  • >> TV M+ with over 65 channels
  • >> Sky Movies – 11 Sky Movies channels plus bonus channel Disney Cinemagic
  • >> Broadband L – 10Mb download speed
  • >> Phone M with unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin mobiles

This costs £23 a month for the bundle plus £21.50 a month for movies and £13.90 line rental – total £58.40 a month plus a one-off TiVo activation fee of £49.95. Order before Sept 30th 2011 and get the bundle part for £13 a month for the first 6 months. Click through to the TiVo bundle below and if you like what you see you can click on ‘Build Your Own Bundle’ to check availability and add Sky Movies.

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More about Sky Movies

The best known movie service in the UK, Sky Movies can be taken as a complete pack or separately as Sky Movies 1 and Sky Movies 2. The content in the complete pack is split into 11 channels – Sky Movies Premiere, Sky Movies Showcase, Disney Cinemagic and 8 genres – Comedy, Action & Thriller, Family, Drama, Classics, Sci-Fi & Horror, Modern Greats and Indie.

Premiere is the lead channel where you’ll find the latest releases and big blockbusters, it also has a +1 time shift version. Showcase used to be Sky Movies Screen 1, and is where you can find collections, box sets and seasons. Disney Cinemagic is included in the complete Sky Movies as a bonus and the 8 genre channels speak for themselves – you can find more details on our Sky Movies page here.

Sky TV Starter Deal
Only £20 a month

Sky+ TV, broadband and calls £20 a month. Free Sky+ Box and set-up, up to 2MB broadband and included evening and weekend calls.

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Virgin Value Bundle
£20 a month

Virgin TV M+

This bundle has size ‘M+’ TV, that’s 65 channels, TiVo, On Demand & Catch-Up, 10Mb Broadband plus Phone with unlimited weekend calls! £20 a month plus line rental.

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BT Vision Starter Deal
£18 a month

BT TV, Broadband and Calls

£4 a month first 4 months! > Free Vision+ Box > 20Mb Broadband – 10GB usage > Freeview, Catch-Up & Pay per View > Anytime calls > Online only offer

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Top Up TV Favourites
£11.99 a month

Top Up TV TV Favourites

Library of popular TV – over 700 shows to choose from each month including Life on Mars, Little Britain, Lost and many more. Top Up box from £39.99 – £20 set-up.

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