Sky TV Packages

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If you’re new to Sky TV this is where you’ll find all the information you need to get you started – the choice of TV packages in terms of channels – Entertainment and Entertainment Extra – and how the bundles work when you combine TV with broadband and phone. Extra channels like Sports and Movies can be added for an extra monthly fee and you may not be aware that all Sky TV customers now get access to selected channels online and on some mobiles and tablets with Sky Go.

Sky TV Starter Deal
Only £20 a month

Sky Plus Starter

Sky+ TV, broadband and calls £20 a month plus £12.25 line rental. Free Sky+ Box with free standard set-up, broadband, evening & weekend calls.

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Sky+HD Starter
£30.25 a month

Sky HD Starter

Get the HD box FREE with free set-up and have fantastic HD quality for £30.25 a month plus £12.25 line rental. Includes broadband and Sky Talk Freetime.

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Sky+HD with Sky Movies
£46.25 a month

Sky HD Movies

Movies in HD, 850 different movies a month, Free Sky+HD box, HD pack with wide choice of HD channels for £46.25 a month plus £12.25 line rental.

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Sky+HD with Sky Sports
£50.25 a month

Sky HD Sports

The fantastic Sky+HD Box, Sky Entertainment Pack plus Sky Sports! – over 100 sports with exclusive live coverage. £12.25 line rental payable

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Here's how Sky TV packages work...

Choose Entertainment or
Entertainment Extra

  • Entertainment costs £20 a month
  • Includes Variety and Style & Culture Pack
  • Entertainment Extra is £25 a month
  • Includes channels from all 6 packs

Add any Premium channels -
Sky Sports and Sky Movies

  • Sky Sports Pack £20 a Month
  • Sky Movies Pack £16 a Month
  • ESPN £9 a Month
  • Sports & Movies £28 a month

Choose HD Pack and Multiroom,
Broadband & Talk Options

  • Sky+ Box - Pause, Rewind and Record TV - Free
  • Go HD with the HD Pack - £10.25 a Month
  • Multiroom Optional for £10.25 a Month
  • Unlimited Options on Broadband and Talk

Sky Entertainment Packs

Sky GoAt the heart of a Sky TV package is one of two entertainment packs, Entertainment or Entertainment Extra, which gives you the main free-to-air and subscription channels. All Sky TV customers get Sky Go included too, which gives you access to certain channels online and on a mobile phone, and then there are several optional extras like HD, Multiroom and adding Broadband and Talk - details below.

Sky Entertainment Packs

Entertainment Packs

Take Entertainment with over 40 of the most popular subscription channels plus all the free-to-air ones too or opt for Entertainment Extra for an extra 52 channels including more factual, music and kids content.

Sky HD and Multiroom

HD and Multiroom

More and more people have high definition TVs now so the HD Pack is very popular, giving access to the biggest range of HD channels in the UK. Multiroom is another optional extra if you want more than one box.

Sky Go

Sky Go

Watch certain channels from Sky on a mobile phone or online with Sky Go, included free with all Sky TV packages - sports and movies available depending on the package and device you have.

Sky Sports

Sky Sports

One of Sky's most popular products, Sky Sports has the lion's share of the top football games and half of the Formula 1 racing exclusively plus a lot more with major golf, rugby and cricket too.

Sky Movies

Sky Movies

From Sky Movies Premiere to the genre-based channels like Family, Action and Adventure and Indie, Sky Movies is the top film package in the UK and, like Sky Sports, can be added as a premium channel to your package.

Sky Broadband and Talk

Broadband and Talk

Take Sky TV and you can add Sky's broadband service with wireless router and either 2GB or unlimited monthly data, plus Sky Talk with included evening and weekend calls for £12.25 line rental.


The Sky Entertainment Pack consists of all the free-to-air channels you would get on Freeview plus over 40 subscription channels, including nine of the ten most watched subscription channels on Sky. It's a very general selection of entertainment which ranges from drama to reality and SciFi to kids TV and music. Highlights include Sky Atlantic, the channel which is home to HBO drama and comedy from the US like The Sopranos, Bored to Death and The Borgias, Comedy Central, Sky Arts 1 and 2 and MTV.
The Entertainment Pack comes as standard with all Sky TV packages and you can then choose to upgrade to Entertainment Extra for an extra £5 a month. For a full list of channels see our Sky Entertainment page.

HD Channels

The following HD channels are available with this pack if you add the HD Pack;

  • Sky Atlantic
  • Sky 1
  • Sky Living
  • Sky Arts 1
  • Sky Arts 2
  • FX
  • SyFy
  • Universal
  • Sky News
  • Comedy Central
  • Food
  • E4
  • ITV2
  • ITV3
  • ITV4
  • Dave
  • Watch
  • BBC
  • BBC1
  • ITV1
  • 4
  • NHK World
  • Five

Entertainment Extra

If you want the complete selection of channels on Sky - aside from premium content like Sky Sports and Movies which are added separately - take Entertainment Extra. It includes all of the Entertainment Pack plus another 52 subscription channels, making over 90 in all, with the main extra benefits being in the nature area thanks to the National Geographic family, kids TV such as Disney and Boomerang and music as it includes more MTV genre channels. More about the extra 52 here on the Entertainment Extra page.

HD Channels

Entertainment Extra with the HD Pack has all the HD channels above plus the following;

  • Discovery
  • History
  • National Geographic
  • Nat Geo Wild
  • Bio
  • Crime and Investigation
  • Eden
  • MTVN
  • Sky Sports News
  • Eurosport
  • Cartoon Network
  • Disney Channel
  • Disney XD
  • Nickelodeon

HD and Multiroom

All of the Sky packages are available in standard or high definition with Sky+ as the basic deal onto which you can add the HD Pack for an extra £10.25 a month to enable all of the HD channels in your subscription. So if you have Entertainment and Sky Movies, for example, and add the HD Pack you will have the 23 HD channels from Entertainment and all of the HD versions of the movie channels - nothing from Extra or Sky Sports.

Multiroom is another optional extra giving you a second or third Sky box for another room in the house - prices vary according to what you have as your first box but the standard rate for Multiroom is an extra £10.25 a month.

Sky Go

All Sky TV customers can watch a selection of channels on the move either on an iPhone or iPad or online on a PC for no extra charge - the service, which replaced Sky Player and Sky Mobile TV in 2011, is called Sky Go.

Sky Sports and Movies

Neither really need any introduction; Sky Sports is the premier sports TV service in the UK with 4 dedicated channels and Sky Sports News, all with standard and HD versions, and Sky Movies is the home of the Premiere channel, with lots of first TV screenings of the latest big films, as well as 10 further movie channels. Both the Sky Sports Pack and the Sky Movies Pack can be added to or removed from your TV package with 30 days notice.

Sky Anytime+

Sky have a library of on-demand content called Sky Anytime+ which can be accessed by all Sky TV customers with Sky Broadband by connecting the Sky+HD box to the router (one cable - very simple). The programmes and movies are downloaded via the broadband and it does count against your monthly usage so if you intend to use it a lot you'll need Broadband Unlimited - it's now available on "Virgin Media too.

Broadband and Talk

Any customer taking Sky TV can get Broadband and Talk included by paying Sky line rental for £12.25 a month - this gives you Broadband Everyday Lite with a 2GB data limit per month and Sky Talk Freetime which has unlimited evening and weekend calls to UK landlines - see the Sky Broadband page for more info.