Add Sky Broadband and Talk

If you’re a Sky TV customer but your broadband and phone are with another provider you could be missing out on the discounts that come with triple bundles – if so you can add Broadband & Talk to your package very easily.

Both Sky Broadband and Sky Talk come in two sizes – details of the unlimited variations are below but we’ll assume you want to add Sky Broadband Everyday Lite and Sky Talk. Broadband Everyday Lite is a 20Mb service with 2GB of download allowance per month, so it’s fine for normal everyday browsing, emailing and a few music downloads. It comes with a WiFi N router and a trial version of McAfee Internet security and is also available with unlimited downloads. Sky Talk gives you included calls to UK landline numbers all evening and at weekends and is also available with unlimited anytime calls.

In order to get Broadband and Talk you need to take Sky line rental for £12.25 a month, but this is the only charge to add unless you want to go unlimited on either of them.

To add Broadband and Talk or just to read more on the Sky site click on the banner below.

Details of the Add Sky Broadband and Talk package

Sky Broadband comes in 2 packages, Sky Broadband Everyday Lite which is free with Sky Talk and Sky Broadband Unlimited which costs £7.50 a month within the bundle. Sky Broadband Everyday Lite has download speeds of up to 20MB and upload speeds of up to 1.3MB. It has a monthly usage cap of 2GB, which is enough for checking your emails and browsing the web. Sky Broadband Unlimited has download speeds of up to 20MB and upload speeds of up to 1.3MB but this package has no monthly usage cap and you are free to download as much as you want and there are no ‘fair usage limits’ so you don’t have to worry about going over the top. Both packages come with 24/7 technical support, free Sky wireless router worth £50 and free trials of McAfee Internet Security.

Sky Talk comes in 2 packages, Sky Talk Freetime and Sky Talk Unlimited, which costs an extra £5 a month. Sky Talk Freetime comes with free evening and weekend calls to UK landlines. Sky Talk Unlimited comes with unlimited UK landline calls 24/7, unlimited calls to 20 international destinations and unlimited calls to mobiles in the USA and Canada.

To add broadband and talk or to upgrade to any other Sky package you just need to sign in to your Sky account after clicking through to the site above.