Sky Broadband Connect

If you don’t live in an area covered by the regular Sky broadband packages Broadband Everyday Lite and Broadband Unlimited you can still get a service called Sky Broadband Connect. Sky Broadband Connect will give you slightly lower download speeds than their regular service with a monthly usage linit of 40GB. The service costs £17 a month and there is a £30 set-up fee if you’re an existing Sky TV customer.

The regular broadband service is delivered via a phone line using a technology called ‘local loop unbundling’ but this only covers about 70% of the UK. Sky offers Broadband Connect to the rest of the country using the BT Wholesale network of phone wires.

Details of the Sky Broadband Connect package

Sky Broadband Connect is primarily for customers who live outside of the Sky Broadband network area. The speeds it can provide are a bit lower than the regular Everyday Lite and Unlimited services but more than enough for the average internet user. This package also has a 40GB monthly usage allowance, which is a lot more than most people need so you won’t have to worry about unexpected bills.

The Sky Broadband Connect package comes with a free Sky wireless router worth £50, which will let you share your internet connection around your home without the need for additional cables. You’ll also receive a free 3 month trial of McAfee Internet Security Suite, which can keep you safe from viruses, hackers, adware and other things that are harmful to your computer. 10 email addresses are included and like the other Sky broadband packages there is 24/7 technical support available.