Sky Bundles

Sky TV

The best way to get Sky TV is often by taking one of the Sky bundles – this is where you get all three of their services – TV, phone and broadband – in one. Some of the most popular bundles from Sky can be found here.

How Sky Bundles Work

There are 3 parts to a Sky bundle – TV, broadband and phone. The broadband and phone elements have 2 levels of service to choose from – Broadband Everyday Lite or Broadband Unlimited and Sky Talk Freetime or Sky Talk Unlimited, more details below.

Sky TV Packages come in two sizes – Entertainment, which has all the channels of the Variety Pack and Style & Culture Pack – and Entertainment Extra, which is all of the channels from all 6 packs. Then you can add on any premium channels you want such as Sports and Movies. If you want access to HD channels you also take the HD Pack for an extra £10.25 a month. If you want the complete Sky experience you can take the Sky World HD package which consists of all 6 Entertainment Packs, all of the Sports and Movies channels and the HD Pack – this is also the only way to get the Sky 3D channel. Here’s a summary of the TV packages;

  • Choose from Entertainment or Entertainment Extra packs
  • Entertainment costs £20 a month and Entertainment Extra costs £25
  • Choose any premium channels you wish to add – Sky Sports, Sky Movies and extra channels ESPN, MUTV, Chelsea TV, MGM HD and Disney Cinemagic
  • Sky Sports and Movies can be taken individually or in complete packs
  • Choose HD or standard definition – for HD channels you need the HD Pack

Phone Included in Bundle

The landline phone service included in Sky bundles is Sky Talk Freetime or Sky Talk Unlimited. Sky Talk Freetime includes UK evening and weekend landline calls and gives competitive rates to UK mobiles and international landline numbers. UK calls are classed as calls to 01, 02, 03 & 0870 numbers only (excludes calls to Channel Islands, indirect access numbers, dial-up Internet access and 070 numbers). Sky Talk Unlimited costs £5 a month and gives you unlimited UK landline calls 24/7, as well as unlimited calls to 20 international destinations and unlimited calls to mobiles in USA & Canada. You need to pay line rental to Sky to take Sky Talk.

Broadband Included in Bundle

The broadband service included in all Sky bundles is Sky Broadband Everyday Lite, which comes free with Sky Talk as standard, or Sky Broadband Unlimited. Everyday Lite offers 2GB monthly usage, 10 Sky email addresses and includes a wireless router worth £50 and a free 3 month trial of McAfee security (PC users only). Broadband Unlimited has the same download and upload speeds but has unlimited usage and 12 months of free McAfee security. Sky also offer 24/7 broadband support for the price of a standard national call. You must take Sky Talk and line rental in order to get Sky Broadband.

Create Your Own Bundle

If you know what you want or you just want to experiment with different combinations of TV packs, phone services and broadband speeds then Click Here to get started.

Sky TV Starter Deal
Only £20 a month

Sky Plus Starter

Sky+ TV, broadband and calls £20 a month plus £12.25 line rental. Free Sky+ Box with free standard set-up, broadband, evening & weekend calls.

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Sky+HD Starter
£30.25 a month

Sky HD Starter

Get the HD box FREE with free set-up and have fantastic HD quality for £30.25 a month plus £12.25 line rental. Includes broadband and Sky Talk Freetime.

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Sky+HD with Sky Movies
£46.25 a month

Sky HD Movies

Movies in HD, 850 different movies a month, Free Sky+HD box, HD pack with wide choice of HD channels for £46.25 a month plus £12.25 line rental.

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Sky+HD with Sky Sports
£50.25 a month

Sky HD Sports

The fantastic Sky+HD Box, Sky Entertainment Pack plus Sky Sports! – over 100 sports with exclusive live coverage. £12.25 line rental payable

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