Sky Movies

Sky Movies is the best known and most comprehensive movie package in the UK and is available as part of a bundle from Sky Digital and Virgin Media or via Sky Player and Sky Box Office.

The complete Sky Movies collection consists of 11 different channels, largely split by genre – it is also available in two parts as Sky Movies 1 and 2 but you can only get all 11 channels by taking the complete pack.

Here is the complete line-up – click on the image for more info on the Sky site or see below for details of Sky Movies on Virgin Media;

Sky Movies Channels

Sky Movies Premiere

Sky Movies Premiere

The channel with the exclusives and the first screenings, this is Sky Movies’ flagship channel, where you’ll find the latest and biggest movies on TV.

Sky Movies Showcase

Sky Movies Showcase

Formerly known as Sky Movies Screen 1, Showcase is where you can find collections, box sets and seasons.


Sky Movies Comedy

Sky say “If you’re game for a laugh, you’re in the right place” – comedy old and new including films like She’s Out of My League, Mars Attacks, Get Him to the Greek, Killers and Coneheads.

Action & Adventure

Sky Movies Action & Adventure

“A non-stop adrenaline rush of explosive entertainment” is quite a promise – the films on Sky Movies Action & Adventure include Iron Man 2, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Clash of the Titans and Robin Hood’.


Sky Movies Family

Entertainment for all is the key here – movies include How to Train Your Dragon, Alvin & the Chipmunks 2: The Squeakquel, Aliens in the Attic and Kung Fu Panda.

Crime & Thriller

Sky Movies Crime & Thriller

The edge of your seat is the intended place to be on this channel, some of the top thrillers around for your entertainment including Sherlock Holmes, Pulp Fiction, Chinatown, Enemy of the State and U.S. Marshals.

Drama & Romance

Sky Movies Drama and Romance

Sky say “Where emotions run high and tear ducts run dry” – where do they get them from?? Still, they’re probably right with movies like The End of the Affair, The English Patient, When Harry Met Sally, Dear John and Awakenings.

Sci-Fi & Horror

Sky Movies Sci-Fi & Horror

If something a bit more unreal is your thing the Sky Movies Sci-Fi & Horror channel probably has it, from the mainstream like The Matrix Revolutions and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen to the less mainstream such as Body Parts and Saw VI.

Modern Greats

Sky Movies Modern Greats

Sky Movies Modern Greats features the movies that have defined eras and movements in film making, with movies from the 70s, 80s and 90s up to the present day – expect it to go from Easy Rider to Braveheart to Gandhi, The Fast and the Furious and everything inbetween.


Sky Movies Classics

There’s a little bit of crossover with Modern Greats here (Patton, some of the Spaghetti Westerns) but generally it’s older movies like The Odd Couple, Double Indemnity and Creature from the Black Lagoon.


Sky Movies Indie

Movies on the Indie channel can be international or US and UK film that sits outside of the Hollywood mainstream – treat yourself to something a bit different like Adventureland, Breakfast on Pluto, The Romantics and Shrink.

Disney Cinemagic


Cinemagic is the bonus channel included in the complete Sky Movies package, full of family fun from Disney premieres to old favourites – highlights include The Princess and the Frog, A Bugs Life and The Wild.

How to Get Sky Movies

Sky Digital

Sky TV

You can add Sky Movies on to your Sky TV package for an extra £16 a month – this is what the Sky+HD starter package would give you if you added Sky Movies -

  • >> Sky+HD box to pause, rewind and record live TV
  • >> The Sky Entertainment Pack (Variety and Style & Culture)
  • >> The Sky HD Pack
  • >> Sky Movies – 11 Sky Movies channels plus bonus channel Disney Cinemagic
  • >> Sky Broadband Everyday Lite – with 2GB monthly usage
  • >> Sky Talk Freetime with unlimited evening and weekend calls to UK landlines

This costs £30.25 a month plus £16 a month for Sky Movies plus phone line rental of £10.25 a month – total £56.50. If you prefer you can add just Sky Movies 1 or 2 for £8 a month.

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Virgin Media

Virgin Media

Virgin Media also have the full line-up of Sky Movies channels (although Classics is not in HD on Virgin Media) to add on to one of their TV packages. It costs £14.50 a month for Sky Movies 1 or Sky Movies 2 or £21.50 a month for the whole collection.

This is what the cheapest Virgin HD triple bundle would give you with Sky Movies added -

  • >> V HD box or Virgin TiVo box to pause, rewind and record live TV
  • >> TV M+ with over 75 channels
  • >> Sky Movies – 11 Sky Movies channels plus bonus channel Disney Cinemagic
  • >> Broadband L – 10Mb download speed
  • >> Phone M with unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin mobiles

This costs £20 a month for the bundle with the basic V HD Box or £23 a month with TiVo plus £21.50 a month for movies and £13.90 line rental – total £55.40 a month.

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Sky Go

You can watch some of the Sky Movies channels online on your iPad, iPhone, PC, XBox 360 or intel-based Mac using Sky Go (formerly Sky Player). A Sky customer with Sky Movies in their package can do this or a non-Sky customer can sign up to a Sky Go Monthly Ticket to access a variety of TV channels, sports and movies.

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Sky TV Starter Deal
£10 a month First 6 Months

Sky Plus Starter

Sky+ triple bundle with TV, broadband and calls. Free Sky+ Box with free standard set-up, 2GB broadband use, evening & weekend calls. Full price £20 a month plus £12.25 line rental

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Sky+HD Starter
£20.25 a month First 6 Months

Sky HD Starter

Get the HD box FREE with free set-up and have fantastic HD quality TV – includes broadband and Sky Talk Freetime. Full price £30.25 a month plus £12.25 line rental.

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Sky+HD with Sky Movies
£36.25 a month First 6 Months

Sky HD Movies

Movies in HD, 850 different movies a month, Free Sky+HD box, HD pack with wide choice of HD channels, broadband and talk. Full price £46.25 a month plus £12.25 line rental.

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Sky+HD with Sky Sports
£40.25 a month First 6 Months

Sky HD Sports

The fantastic Sky+HD Box, Sky Entertainment Pack plus Sky Sports! – over 100 sports with exclusive live coverage. Full price £50.25 a month plus £12.25 line rental.

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