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2 Months Free Sky Sports on Top Up TV

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Here’s an exclusive deal that you won’t find on the regular Top Up TV site, it gives 2 months free Sky Sports 1 and ESPN when you buy the Top Up TV box for £49.99 – it’s a saving of £65.98 as the monthly cost for Sky Sports 1 and ESPN is £32.99. This would be a pretty good deal on a 12 month contract but this actually has no minimum contract so it’s pretty great – there’s a £20 one-off connection fee plus the £49.99 for the box and then you start paying £32.99 a month in month 3 until you want to cancel.

Top Up TV 2 Months Free Sky Sports

How the Deal Works

This offer comes with a Top Up TV T215 set-top box, which is a Freeview box with a card slot which enables it to receive Sky Sports 1 and 2 and ESPN (although this particular deal is for Sky Sports 1 and ESPN it gives you the option to change your package in the future). Once that service is set up for you at the Top Up TV end you have access to those channels, and if you decide to discontinue the monthly sports packages by giving 30 days notice you will be left with a Freeview box and the option to resume the sports channels whenever you like.

In the past some Top Up boxes have required a CAM adaptor to get ESPN but the T215 doesn’t require this, so what you fill find in the basket when you click through to the offer is the box for £49.99, £20 connection fee and ’2 Months on Us’ as a special promotion.

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