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3 Currys TV Voucher Codes For the Weekend

TV at Currys

Currys have announced 3 new TV voucher codes for the weekend – hurry, they finish midnight on Mon 26th!

The codes are all TV-specific and give between £30 and £70 off LED TVs – here are the details…

£70 Off the Panasonic Viera TX-L42E3B 42″ Full HD LED TV

  • LED-edgelit
  • 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Freeview HD
  • 50Hz

Code – PANA70

Click here >>

£30 Off the LG 42LW450U 42″ Full HD LED 3D TV

  • LED-backlit
  • 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Freeview
  • 5100Hz
  • 7,000,000:1

Code – LG130

Click here >>

£50 Off the LG 42LV450U 42″ Full HD LED TV

  • LED-backlit
  • 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Freeview
  • 5100Hz
  • 4,000,000:1

Code – LG4250

Click here >>

Don’t forget we’re always on the lookout for digital TV voucher codes and deals so come back soon!

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New Sky Deals – Broadband and TV


There’s a host of new Sky offers this week – afraid the £50 voucher for M&S deal has ended but you can still get a £25 voucher when you take sign up to Sky online – both Sky+ and Sky+HD. The box charges and set-up fees have changed a bit too, you can still get the free Sky+HD box and free set-up when you take HD online but the Sky+ offering now has a charge of £49 for the box and £30 standard set-up. The exception to this at the moment, although it may not be around for long, is an offer giving you the box free if you take Sky+ in a triple bundle with either Broadband Unlimited or Multiroom.

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Broadband Deals

On the broadband side you can still get the 6 months half price broadband unlimited with calls and line rental deal for new customers without TV, which has been extended to December 29th.

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The same offer applies to existing customers but not on the main Sky site, only if you join through selected sites such as Digital TV Advice…

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Sky Sports Deals

Well, only one – you can still get ESPN at no extra cost for 3 months if you take out a package including the Sky Sports Pack – this offer is for new customers only.

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£50 M&S Voucher with Sky – One Week Only


It’s back, for one week only you can once again get a £50 voucher for M&S when you take sign up to Sky online – this is also stackable with the free box and set-up so it’s a hot deal when you put it all together, and it’s available on both Sky+ and Sky+HD too.

Sky+ Starter Deal

The Sky+ starter consists of 20Mb Broadband Everyday Lite, Sky Talk and line rental and the Sky Entertainment Pack, which gives you 45 popular subscription channels and lots more free-to-air through the Sky+ box.

  • >> Sky Entertainment Pack
  • >> Free Sky+ box and standard set-up
  • >> Sky Talk with included evening and weekend calls
  • >> 20Mb Sky Broadband Everyday Lite
  • >> £20 a month plus £12.25 line rental
  • >> Free £50 voucher for M&S – offer ends 22nd September

Sky+HD Starter Deal

The Sky+HD starter consists of 20Mb Broadband Everyday Lite, Sky Talk and line rental and the Sky Entertainment Pack, which gives you 45 popular subscription channels and lots more free-to-air through the Sky+ box plus the HD Pack. The HD Pack gives you access to HD versions of any channels included in your package – that’s over 20 with Entertainment Extra.

  • >> Sky Entertainment Pack
  • >> Free Sky+HD box and standard set-up
  • >> Sky HD Pack
  • >> Sky Talk with included evening and weekend calls
  • >> 20Mb Sky Broadband Everyday Lite
  • >> £30.25 a month plus £12.25 line rental
  • >> Free £50 voucher for M&S – offer ends 22nd September

More info »

Entertainment Extra

Of course you may want more than the starter packages, if so you could go for Sky Entertainment Extra, which gives you all the subscription channels on Sky (not to be confused with premium channels like Sports and Movies) – over 90 channels for just £5 extra. Sky Sports can be added for £20 a month and Sky Movies for £16 a month.

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BT Amazon Voucher Returns Plus 3 Months Free

BT Deals

Great news – BT have brought back the £25 Amazon voucher offer on selected broadband, phone and TV packages when you buy online. While the 4 months free deal on broadband and phone has now ended it’s replaced with a new 3 month equivalent so there are still good savings to be had – here are the details.

The leading offer from the current BT deals is the BT Total Broadband and Unlimited Anytime Calls free for the first 3 months, then £16 a month thereafter. So what do you get for this?

  • Up to 20Mb broadband
  • Unlimited calls to UK landlines at anytime
  • BT Home Hub included
  • Line rental payable – from £10 a month

Line rental is ‘from £10 a month’ because you can opt to pay the whole year in one for a discounted price of £120, normal price paid monthly is £13.90 a month so you can save £46.80 per year doing it this way.

Now, because the broadband and talk part is free for 3 months it means some of the triple bundles with BT Vision are discounted for 3 months too – for example the TV Essential, Broadband & Anytime Calls package is £4 a month for the first 3 months and £20 a month thereafter.

Now to the voucher deal – BT are giving a free £25 voucher for to any customer who takes the Broadband and Anytime calls package either on its own or with one of the TV Essential or TV Unlimited BT TV packages. BT Vision, the BT TV service, works by using a Freeview PLus box called the Vision+ Box to allow you to record, pause and rewind the Freeview channels in your area – BT then provide access to their on-demand TV content via the BT broadband connection and the two are brought together in the TV box. TV Essential gives you catch-up TV and access to on-demand on a pay-as-you-go basis and TV Unlimited gives you unlimited viewing plus ESPN for no monthly fee, just a one-off £10 card fee.

Remember these deals are only available if you buy online.

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Sky TV Packages Simplified


On September 1st Sky Digital made the biggest changes in several years to their TV, broadband and phone packages – the choice of TV packs is now much simpler and there are some important changes to the way broadband and phone are bundled – here are the details.

TV Packages

Sky TV customers previously had the choice of one or more Entertainment Packs – Variety, Style and Culture, News and Events, Knowledge, Children’s and Music – and could take whichever ones they wanted, with the first pack charged at £19.50 a month and subsequent packs added for £1 a month each. Now the Variety Pack and the Style and Culture Pack have been merged into one pack called Sky Entertainment and new TV customers can either take this for £20 a month or all six packs – Sky Entertainment Extra – for £25 a month. Existing customers who had Variety and Style and Culture will see no change to their service, in fact the Sky Price Freeze ensures that they will carry on paying the same price until 31st August 2012. Existing customers with the Variety Pack and any of the other packs will automatically be upgraded to Entertainment Extra.

Sky Entertainment Package

Entertainment is the new name for the Variety Pack and the Style and Culture Pack combined – a good starter pack covering the most popular entertainment shows and genres of TV in the UK.

Sky Entertainment Extra Package

Entertainment Extra is the new name for all 6 of the Sky Entertainment Packs taken together – Variety, Style & Culture, Knowledge, News & Events, Children’s and Music. All new Sky TV customers now take one of these 2 combinations.

Sky Talk

From 1st September 2011 new customers on Sky Talk have to take Sky line rental for £12.25 a month – previously you had the choice between keeping your BT line rental or taking Sky’s instead. New customers taking Sky Broadband now have to take Sky Talk and Sky line rental too.

Sky Broadband

The two Sky Broadband sizes, Everyday Lite and Unlimited, are unchanged in the shake-up but they must now be taken with Sky Talk and line rental.

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Latest Top Up TV Sports Deals

Top Up TV

Top Up TV have some new deals for sports fans, here’s a run-down of what’s on offer.

Top Up are known for offering Sky Sports and ESPN on a one month contract – Sky TV, Virgin Media and BT Vision also do this but you have to have a 12-18 month contract with their main service in order to add it on, with Top Up TV there doesn’t need to be any contract over 1 month. Having said that the new deals are mainly based around the 12 month contracts they offer on Sky Sports 1 and 2 and ESPN.

Free Box and 1 Month Free

The first of the new deals gives you a free Top Up TV set-top box worth £49.99 when you take out a 12 month contract for Sky Sports 1 with ESPN – they also give you the first month free, total saving £82.98. The monthly fee is £32.99.

More info »

Free CAM Adaptor for ESPN

A CAM adaptor is normally £19.99 and is for use with an existing Freeview TV or set top box with a card slot to enable you to get ESPN from Top Up TV. Not only do you get the adaptor free with this deal but you get 12 months for the price of 9, saving £32.97 and making the price equivalent to £8.24 a month.

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Top Up TV also offer the TV Favourites pack for £11.99 a month, featuring a general selection of popular TV, and the Picture Box movie service for £7 a month, where you can choose from a constantly rotating selection of 28 different current movies.

A Top Up TV box is basically a Freeview Plus box – which enables you to pause, rewind and record your Freeview channels – that is compatible with the Top Up viewing cards. When you click through to buy a package from Top Up TV you get a choice of compatible boxes and if yours is there you can just get a Top Up viewing card rather than buying the box as well.

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New 9 Month Virgin Deals for Students

Virgin Media

Virgin Media have brought out a selection of deals aimed at students where you can take broadband, broadband and phone or a triple bundle with digital TV on a 9 month contract, meaning you don’t pay for those summer months when you’re either busking in Bali or moping around at Mum and Dad’s (whichever takes your fancy/economy dictates). The 9 month deals are available on the 10Mb or 30Mb broadband packages and can be combined with Phone M (weekend calls) and with the basic TV package M+ or with the super-duper TV XL package, and prices start at £21 a month – you also save £20 on the activation fee if you take it out online.

9 Month Broadband Deals

As a standalone product (you don’t need to get a Virgin phone line) you can opt for the Broadband L or XL package which will give you speeds of up to 10Mb and 30Mb respectively, each with unlimited downloads subject to a traffic management policy at certain times of the day to stop some people taking advantage of it at the expense of other users. Both packages include some online storage too and a wireless router – the Virgin Media Hub with Broadband L and the Super Hub with XL. Neither the XXL package, up to 50Mb speed, nor the superfast 100Mb broadband are available on this special contract.

Broadband L costs £21 a month and XL £28.50

More info »

Broadband and Phone on 9 Month Contract

Both the 10Mb and the 30Mb packages can be combined with Virgin’s Phone M package, which gives you unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile numbers. The £13.90 line rental is included in the monthly fee.

10Mb broadband and Phone M costs £27.40 a month and 30Mb and phone costs £32.40 a month.

More info »

Triple Bundle Student Deals

Finally if you want digital TV too you can take 30Mb broadband and Phone M with either TV M+ (over 65 channels) or TV XL (over 160 channels). Unfortunately Virgin TiVo is not available on the 9 month student deal, which is a shame as it’s excellent, but then it gives you so much choice of TV it may not be good for someone who’s supposed to be studying…

10Mb broadband, phone and TV M+ costs £38.90 a month and the same bundle with TV XL costs £56.90 a month.

More info »

A £40 installation charge applies which is added to your first bill but if you buy online you save £20 activation fee. You need to complete the purchase online to get this, and be careful not to change your package once chosen as it may revert to the standard 12 or 18 month contract. You can find more details on our Virgin Media Student Deals page.

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Half Price Sky Broadband for Existing Customers


Here’s a great new offer for existing Sky TV customers – take a new Sky Broadband, calls and line rental package and you’ll get the Broadband Unlimited part half price for 6 months. This brings it down from £7.50 a month to £3.75 for the broadband part of the package, which gives you download speeds of up to 20Mb and as the name suggests unlimited data usage. With Sky Talk Freetime, for which there is no charge, you get all evening and weekend calls to UK landline numbers included and the line rental is £12.25 a month.

Broadband Offer Details

All of this is included in the Broadband Unlimited offer;

  • >> Up to 20Mb download speeds
  • >> Unlimited monthly usage
  • >> Free evening & weekend UK landline calls
  • >> Sky wireless router (worth £50)
  • >> 24/7 technical support
  • >> Free 12 month trial of McAfee Internet Security Suite

Broadband Unlimited is recommended for Sky Anytime+ – this is a way to access hours and hours of Sky On Demand TV content through your broadband, and as it counts towards your monthly usage you really need more than the 2GB included with Sky Broadband Everyday Lite.

The most important thing about this offer is that it’s only available from Sky partners such as Digital TV Advice – you won’t find this offer on the normal Sky website. Offer ends Sept 29th 2011. Click below for more details. See here for more Sky TV deals for existing customers.

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5% Off Currys TVs – This Time Over £399

TV at Currys-

Another Currys voucher code comes along, this time for 5% off any TV over £399, and you’ve got until Weds 17th August before it expires.

As we looked at Currys TVs over £499 for last week’s voucher code how about seeing what you can get for between £399 and £499. Starting with a 32 inch model the Toshiba Regza 32DL833, which is an HD Ready LED TV and looking too at one of the top sellers in this price range, the LG 42LK450U 42″ Full HD LCD model.

Toshiba Regza 32DL833 32″ HD Ready LED TV

  • >> 50Hz, 1366 x 768 pixels
  • >> LED backlit
  • >> Built-in Freeview TV tuner with a 7-day EPG
  • >> Built-in DVD player
  • >> USB connection means you can access videos, photos and music from a USB device such as an external hard drive
  • >> PC connection means you can also use it as a computer monitor

Go to TVs »

The best-selling LG 42LK450U 42″ is an LCD model with very wide viewing angles of 178 degrees. Here are the details;

LG 42LK450U 42″ Full HD LCD TV

  • >> 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • >> Built-in Freeview
  • >> Intelligent sensor matches display brightness to ambient lighting
  • >> USB connection
  • >> PC connection means you can also use it as a computer monitor
  • >> Digital optical audio out

Go to TVs »

The Currys HD TV range starts at £89.99 for a 16″ HD Ready LCD model and goes up to a shade under £5000 for a 3D, HD and everything else ‘D’ you could wish for, so should have something for all tastes.

The code is TVFIVE and it expires on August 17th – just click the button below and enter the code when you check out.

Click Here »

See the Currys voucher codes page for more deals and offers.

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Virgin TiVo Review So Far

Virgin TiVo

Virgin Media have released their initial findings on how people are using the new TiVo service now that subscriber numbers have reached 75,000 since the soft launch of TiVo back in December 2010, with 50,000 already installed. It seems as though it is already changing people’s viewing habits, certainly among the early adopters, as Virgin’s study shows that 25% of programmes watched in the time period did not originate from the EPG. This means that where, on almost any other digital TV service, you would normally go to the EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) and choose a show in the case of TiVo a quarter of those people have found the show by a different search method. This can be by keyword, such as actor or director, and as you search the box brings up suggestions as you type, with typically just three clicks of the remote needed to find the desired show.

The top 10 search terms used by TiVo customers were;

  • The Apprentice
  • Camelot
  • Doctor Who
  • House
  • Glee
  • EastEnders
  • Dexter
  • Casualty
  • Desperate Housewives
  • Fringe

Virgin TiVo Box

The interesting thing about the top searches is that half of them are for programmes that don’t even appear in the top fifty most watched for that period, which suggests that TiVo customers are actively using the search function to find programmes they’ve been told about or read reviews on rather than browsing ther EPG for something to watch.

The web apps are proving popular too – 79% of all the TiVo boxes were used to access an app and each box launched apps on average 4.5 times a week. One thing that would really improve this side of it will be (and hopefully it’s a ‘will’ rather than a ‘would’) the introduction of a remote with a fold-out keyboard, as typing in a search term on YouTube using the arrows around the alphabet and the select key is not a good experience.

Finally the level of On Demand viewing has greatly pleased Virgin Media. They have a target of 1 billion On Demand views this year and in the first half there were 484 million, with 15% more in the 2nd quarter than in the first, so that target now looks very acheivable.

If you haven’t explored it yet check out our Virgin TiVo page or click below for more info the Virgin site.

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