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BT Amazon Voucher Returns Plus 3 Months Free

BT Deals

Great news – BT have brought back the £25 Amazon voucher offer on selected broadband, phone and TV packages when you buy online. While the 4 months free deal on broadband and phone has now ended it’s replaced with a new 3 month equivalent so there are still good savings to be had – here are the details.

The leading offer from the current BT deals is the BT Total Broadband and Unlimited Anytime Calls free for the first 3 months, then £16 a month thereafter. So what do you get for this?

  • Up to 20Mb broadband
  • Unlimited calls to UK landlines at anytime
  • BT Home Hub included
  • Line rental payable – from £10 a month

Line rental is ‘from £10 a month’ because you can opt to pay the whole year in one for a discounted price of £120, normal price paid monthly is £13.90 a month so you can save £46.80 per year doing it this way.

Now, because the broadband and talk part is free for 3 months it means some of the triple bundles with BT Vision are discounted for 3 months too – for example the TV Essential, Broadband & Anytime Calls package is £4 a month for the first 3 months and £20 a month thereafter.

Now to the voucher deal – BT are giving a free £25 voucher for to any customer who takes the Broadband and Anytime calls package either on its own or with one of the TV Essential or TV Unlimited BT TV packages. BT Vision, the BT TV service, works by using a Freeview PLus box called the Vision+ Box to allow you to record, pause and rewind the Freeview channels in your area – BT then provide access to their on-demand TV content via the BT broadband connection and the two are brought together in the TV box. TV Essential gives you catch-up TV and access to on-demand on a pay-as-you-go basis and TV Unlimited gives you unlimited viewing plus ESPN for no monthly fee, just a one-off £10 card fee.

Remember these deals are only available if you buy online.

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