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Buzzcocks Goes Live and the Return of HIGNFY (HD!)

Two snippets of interesting news this week involving two long-running BBC comedy shows – Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Have I Got News For You. Firstly it’s been announced that Buzzcocks will be given a live slot on the comedy … Continue reading

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Upgrading to Sky HD

Are you a Sky or Sky+ customer? If so you must have thought about upgrading to HD – here are the details and answers to any questions you may have about upgrading to Sky HD. Firstly, what are the benefits? … Continue reading

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HD Channels on Sky TV

As the list of HD channels on Sky TV grows and has now passed the 50 mark we thought it would be useful to list the HD channels available through their various packages. Free to air HD channels BBC One … Continue reading

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HDTV channels coming to Freeview

Regulator Ofcom announced on 3rd April that four HD channels are being made available for Freeview. One of them is reserved for the BBC, while the other three will be put out to tender for offers from the other TV … Continue reading

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