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Current Sky Upgrade Deals


It may seem as though the focus is always on new customers, and therefore all the best deals are for new customers too, but there are also some great upgrade deals out there for existing subscribers – here’s a round-up of the Sky upgrade deals available at the moment. You can also see the details on our Sky Upgrades page.

The best Sky deals for existing customers are split between adding Broadband and Talk, adding premium channels like Sports and Movies and upgrading to HD – here are the details.

6 Months Half Price Unlimited Broadband

This is probably the star upgrade deal of the moment – existing Sky TV customers adding Broadband and Talk with line rental can get 6 months half price Broadband Unlimited – that’s £3.75 a month for 6 months before reverting to £7.50. The speed is the same as Broadband Everyday Lite at up to 20Mb but your usage is unlimited – particularly good if you intend to use Sky Anytime+ as this counts towards your monthly use. If you’re not familiar with Sky Anytime+ it’s a library of on-demand TV and film that you can access in line with your Sky TV subscription – so if you have the Sports Pack you can access the sport, if you have Entertainment Extra you can watch on-demand from the Discovery Channel as that is included in the package, and so on.

The 6 months half price deal is exclusive to Sky partners such as Digital TV Advice

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Note – we refer to Broadband, Talk and line rental now as since the recent changes to Sky packages you must take Sky Talk with Sky Broadband, and you must take Sky line rental – £12.25 a month – with Sky Talk, so the three always come in a bundle now.

Add Sky Movies or Sky Sports

If you add Sky Sports or Sky Movies to your existing subscription you get a £5 credit on your bill as a thank you – add both and get a £10 credit.

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Upgrade to HD

Existing customers who upgrade to HD TV by adding the HD Pack get a free Sky+HD box and, depending on the box they are upgrading from, free set-up. Currently the same deal as new customers but a good one all the same.

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