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F1 is Coming to Sky TV

Formula 1 Sky Sports Deal

If you are anything like us you will agree that the announcement that Sky TV is to have its own Formula 1 channel will fill you with glee. Taking nothing away from other channels that cover the sport, it is nice to see that motorsport has finally been given some of the attention that football gets, Sky always having prided itself in being able to offer its customers the best sports channels. The announcement reminds us we haven’t got long to wait now for the high octane fun to start – drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button have scores to settle from last years season so they will be fired up this year (like with any sport we have our favourites, but I am sure that Lewis and Jenson will be at the top of the list for support among the British public).

Existing sport channels offer everything sport-related but never showed any F1 races. The new channel will be offering 10 races from around the world including countries like Britain, Germany, Monaco and the USA to name just a few. The 2012 Formula 1 season will have 20 races split between the BBC and the Sky F1 channel so we will have a new set of commentators to get used to; the Sky team will consist of Martin Brundle, a well known motorsports figure, along with Anthony Davidson and David Croft. It has also been announced that Damon Hill will be joining the team which will please his fans (Damon Hill raced as a F1 driver throughout the nineties and had major success, so he will be able to offer a professional drivers eye on this years championship). This kind of commentator is invaluable as we will get to hear what it is like from a driver’s point of view which will really enhance the viewing experience.

Formula 1 has gained even more popularity over the years as it is more than just a sport; there are teams to follow and individual driver performances to take note of. Formula 1 visits some of the most exclusive countries in the world, so we get to sit back at home and experience the jet set life style from the comfort of our arm chairs. Sky is not only bringing us a Formula 1 channel, they are also offering it on HD so we will be able to enjoy all the glitz and glamour with a crystal clear picture. It has been announced that the channel will be available through Virgin TV too, so access won’t be limited. It looks like we can now really look forward to a very exciting season ahead.

The Sky Formula 1 channel will be launching in March.

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