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FA Cup Final in 3D


Great news for football fans with Sky – especially for fans of Stoke City and Man City – as this year’s FA Cup Final will be broadcast in 3D. This means if you either have the Sky World package or are interested in getting it and have a 3D compatible TV you’ll be able to watch the final in glorious 3D for the first time. However, don’t worry if Sky World is beyond you at the moment or Sky is not available in your area as the game will also be shown in 3D in over 1500 Sky 3D-equipped pubs in the country.

This has come about thanks to the continued partnership between ESPN and Sky on certain 3D TV events, which started back in February with ESPN’s Winter X Games. The production of the cup final coverage (the design, commentary, graphics etc) is all down to ESPN with the distribution through Sky’s huge network of subscribers, and like the ESPN and ESPN HD coverage, ESPN’s 3D coverage on Sky 3D will have no commercials between 2:30pm and after the trophy presentation. Since launching Sky 3D in April 2010 Sky have produced more than 100 sporting events in 3D, from football to international rugby, cricket, golf, darts and tennis. This month’s UEFA Champion’s League final at Wembley will also be available live on Sky 3D, and the Carling Cup Final was the first domestic Cup Final to be shown live in 3D.

How to Get Sky 3D

To get Sky 3D you need to subscribe to the Sky World HD package, which is basically everything Sky have got in one bundle (all the movies, sports and more) and costs £62.25 a month. At the moment there is a free £50 M&S voucher when you take out Sky HD online but this is subject to change of course.

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You’ll also, of course, need a 3D TV with glasses to watch it on. May the best team win! Some of the best 3D TV deals can be found with discount or voucher codes – check out our Comet voucher codes page for starters.

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