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Free £50 Sainsburys Gift Card from BT

BT Vision

BT have just inproved their Winter Deal by adding a free £50 Sainsburys Gift Card for any new customer taking BT Broadband with or without BT Vision TV. This is an online-only exclusive which can be used in conjunction with the 4 months free offer already running, giving you an effective saving of £114 – not to be sniffed at.

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4 Months Free BT Broadband Offer

As this is the leading BT Winter Deal let’s have a closer look at what you get with the 4 Months Free offer combined with the £50 Sainsburys Gift Card…

The deal consists of

  • >>BT Total Broadband with up to 20Mb download speed
  • >>Anytime Calls
  • >>Option to add BT Vision TV Essential for an extra £4 per month
  • >>First 4 months free then £16 a month or £20 a month with TV Essential plus line rental
  • >>Free £50 Sainsburys voucher exclusive to online orders

BT line rental is £14.60 a month on direct debit, which is higher than both Sky Digitsl and Virgin Media, but you can opt to pay a whole year upfront by debit or credit card to save money. At the time of writing it costs £120 which is rising to £129 after March 2nd, giving a price per month of £10.75, which is the cheapest of the big 3 with Sky at £12.25 and Virgin at £13.90.

Total Broadband

BT Total Broadband comes on an 18 month contract and gives you speeds of up to 20Mb with a 10GB monthly usage allowance. The BT Home Hub router is their most advanced to date and is really easy to set up, just plug and go, and the package also includes free WiFi minutes on BT Open Zone – handy in a lot of airports, cafes etc if you have no 3G or want to save your bill.

TV Essential

TV Essential is the basic BT Vision package where you add a Vision+ Box (free but with a £40 activation charge) and pay an extra £4 a month to be able to pause, rewind and record your Freeview channels and access on-demand programming on a Pay As You Go basis. The alternative for pausing, rewinding and recording Freeview is to buy a Freeview+ box outright for upwards of £75. The on-demand content comes through the broadband connection and starts from 50p a show, however you can upgrade to TV Unlimited and have unlimited access to their TV shows.

Your £50 at Sainsburys may just go towards your shopping bill but you could, of course, put it towards a new TV or laptop in store or from the Sainsburys website to make the most of your new BT services.

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