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Free Set Top Box with Top Up TV Sports

Top Up TV

Top Up TV have a new offer for sports fans – get a free set-top box and one month free when you take Sky Sports 1 with ESPN on a 12 month contract. The normal cost for the box is £49.99 and the ongoing monthly fee £32.99, so the free box and 1 month represents a saving of £82.98.

Top Up TV is mainly known for offering Sky Sports on a ‘no contract necessary’ basis one month at a time, so how does the one year contract add up against the other providers? Let’s imagine you don’t have a contract with anyone at the moment as if you were with, say, Virgin Media for your TV it would almost certainly make sense to add Sky Sports with them for £14.50 a month extra. If you’re starting from scratch and opt for Top Up TV with this deal your outlay for the year is going to be eleven months at £32.99 plus a £20 connection fee, which isn’t mentioned on the ads but will be there in the basket – total £362.89.

Just a reminder of what you get for this;

  • >> A Top Up TV box, essentially a Freeview Plus box, which enables you to pause, rewind and record all of your Freeview channels and the Sky Sports and ESPN channels too
  • >> Sky Sports 1 and ESPN for 12 months

If you went for Sky Digital on the most basic triple bundle and added Sky Sports 1 and ESPN your monthly costs would be;

  • >> £20 for the TV, Broadband and Talk
  • >> £12.25 line rental
  • >> £12.50 for Sky Sports 1 and 2
  • >> £9 for ESPN
  • >> Total £53.75

Sky give away a voucher for Marks and Spencer to new customers – at the moment £100 but usually £25 – so let’s take that amount into account when looking at the whole year and make it 12 x £53.75 minus £25 – £620.

The difference in annual cost between Sky and Top Up TV is £257.11 but for that you’re getting phone and broadband too (plus a lot more channels on TV and Sky Go on your laptop, iPad or iPhone). So if £257.11, or £21.43 a month, is less than what you pay now for broadband and landline it’s a good deal for you. If you don’t want a landline and broadband, go for Top Up TV.

If you go for Virgin Media on the most basic triple bundle and add Sky Sports 1 and ESPN the figures are very similar;

  • >> £20 for the TV, Broadband and Talk
  • >> £13.90 line rental
  • >> £14.50 for Sky Sports 1
  • >> £6 for ESPN
  • >> Total £52.40

So the same conclusion here – if you don’t need landline and broadband or have a great deal on broadband already but want Sky Sports the Top Up TV deal is definitely worth a look…

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