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Have You Discovered Sky Go Yet?

Sky Go

Sky Go is a new version of what used to be the Sky Player, and it’s one of the four core elements of a Sky TV package these days since the relaunch in September 11. As you can see from the cube on the right the key offerings now are Sky TV, Sky+, Broadband & Talk and Sky Go – this reflects the fact that Sky+ (the ability to pause, rewind and record live TV) now comes as standard and that broadband must now be taken with Sky Talk and line rental, where before you could pay line rental to BT.

That leaves Sky Go, and it’s one of the best value features of all as it gives Sky customers access to many of the channels in their chosen package when they’re on the move – on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and laptops and desktops (PC or Mac) – for no extra charge. What you can watch depends on two things – the Sky subscription you have and the device you’re watching on.

Sky Sports on Go

If you subscribe to the Sky Sports Pack you can get all 4 channels plus Sky Sports News on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch at no extra charge – just download the app and sign in with your Sky user details. You can register 2 different devices and you can even use both at the same time. The same goes for ESPN, if you’re signed up to it on the TV then you can get it on Sky Go, plus there is access to on-demand sports content from Sky Sports, Sky Sports News, British Eurosport and ESPN Classic but only on more powerful devices such as laptops.

Sky Movies on Go

It’s similar with movies but not as comprehensive – if you have the Sky Movies Pack you can get 4 of the channels to watch live on your PC/laptop which are – Sky Movies Premiere, Sky Movies Showcase, Sky Movies Action & Adventure and Sky Movies Family – available on demand is also Sky Box Office (pay per view) and movies from the Sky Anytime+ library.

Sky Entertainment on Go

You can also get up to 21 of the TV channels from Entertainment and Entertainment Extra, depending which one you subscribe to, but only on laptops, Xbox 360 etc rather than mobiles – full details of the channels on our Sky Go page.

Sky Go No Contract

If you are unable to have a dish at your property or you don’t want to commit to a 12 month contract never fear, you can still get Sky Go one month at a time with a Sky Go Monthly Ticket – different options are available, as you would expect it’s more expensive than a regular Sky subscription but very convenient – again the details can be found here.

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